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What is Global Connect?

What is Global Connect @ UCI?

Global Connect @ UCI is an original educational partnership developed by UC Irvine's School of Social Sciences to enrich California's secondary school curriculum in international studies. This is accomplished by translating current university -level concepts and knowledge into a curriculum that is age appropriate for high school students. The global studies knowledge-gap in our public schools is a critical problem that needs a flexible and immediate response. Students need lessons they can relate to as global citizens that will affect how they see themselves in the world. They must be capable of thinking in terms of worldwide issues to succeed in their respective lives and careers so that they may contribute to the general welfare of society. This cannot be achieved through textbook curriculum that is outdated by the time it is received by students. Teachers cannot abandon their classroom responsibilities to acquire current knowledge of the quickly changing international environment. Global conflicts and issues need to be brought to the students as current events–not as history.

The study of worldwide issues through Global Connect @ UCI establishes an environment that creates responsible global citizens and encourages young learners to pursue higher education. Global Connect builds a bridge to the world for our nation's secondary school students.

Global Connect @ UCI dedicates its educational program and publications to addressing California's History/Social Studies Curriculum Framework and the National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies. This is being accomplished through the creation of an original 2-semester (year-long) "Globalization and International Relations Course"; implementation of the syllabus at select schools in Orange County; sponsorship of countywide teacher seminars; and development of new on-line curriculum options for secondary educators statewide and beyond. Classroom lessons are innovative in structure and not only teach students factual information, but serve as an ideal platform for analytical-reflective thinking about global issues.

How Global Connect @ UCI Works?

The Program translates cutting edge University social science teachings on the 21st century into age appropriate curriculum for high school learners.

Community host schools work with the UC Irvine team of students and faculty to introduce global studies via power point presentations, interactive workshops and capstone projects directly into participating classrooms.

On-line GlobalScope Curriculum Guides provide distant educators with new teaching opportunities.

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