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A Message from the Assistant Principal of Athletics

Athletics Helps in the Development of the Complete Student

Athletics assists in the development of young people. At ETHS we offer a variety of sports for our interested student athletes. Our sports create opportunities for our students to be part of something that can change their lives. Sports programs help students deal with success, failure, struggle and growth. Many studies have shown that being part of a sports program has many benefits. Some of those benefits are increased work ethic, a sense of belonging, learning how to deal with success and failure, organization, time commitment, goal setting and increased academic importance.

We are fortunate to have many great programs here at El Toro High School because of our students, coaches, and parents. High School can be an amazing experience, but it all comes down to the willingness to take advantage and explore opportunities and be part of something greater than ourselves. I highly encourage you to explore the many programs we offer at ETHS. Take advantage of the opportunity to represent yourself, your family, your school and your community. Take a chance and join the Charger family as an athletic representative!

Go Chargers!