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Cultivating Student Creativity

On April 27, 2023, El Toro High School hosted its annual Open House "Chalk Walk." Over 70 student participants, and 20 large chalk murals were delicately drawn on the pavement using chalk pastels. This spectacular event brought enthusiasm and curiosity to the Arts at El Toro. Muralists spent the day creating their masterpieces while they were being visited by staff and students. Throughout the day, the Charger community was fascinated by the progress they observed with every visit.

movie-theme chalk drawings

Staff, students, and parents were attracted by the focus and attention to detail that was taking place as the artists created their masterpieces. With every passing period, curious students asked questions, took photos with the artists, and had an opportunity to share their work with their families and friends. The success of the Chalk Walk was an additional component to the yearly student Art Show.

chalk drawing of boy on skateboard

This year’s Art Show in the multi-purpose room was an inspirational event that gave insight into the artistic capabilities of our students. Paintings, sculptures, photography, digital works, as well as the "Positively Peaceful" installation, were hung and displayed. An explosion of color and creativity echoed around the room. One of the highlights was the wearable art worn and displayed by students, as well as Mrs. Sieb (EL Toro's Art Teacher). Some of the wearable art was created using Farmer Boy receipt’s, plastic trash bags, newspaper, magazines and coffee filters. Current and prospective parents and students were in awe of the variety of artwork displayed.

teacher and students pose in wearable art creations

El Toro is proud of being able to offer our students a wide-array of opportunities to collaborate and show off their artistic creativity to the entire community. Our Charger students are truly innovative, creative, and talented; and we are excited to recognize them all. A special thank you to Ms. Sieb, Ms. Goodfellow, Ms. Nadal, Mr. Brail, and Mr. Ford for their support of the arts and in elevating and cultivating students’ artistic capabilities.


We know that the Art Show and the Chalk Walk event will continue to inspire all of our students and encourage them to take classes that encourage them to express their creativity.

chalk drawing of movie Avatar