El Toro High School Esports Club

Partnering with:

The Orange County Department of Education, UCI School of Engineering, UCI School of Information and Computer Science & UCI Esports



El Toro High School, along with Saddleback Valley Unified, recognizes the benefits of Esports as a vehicle to improve STEM skills. Collaboration and good communication skills are also practiced while playing in this congenial group.

The North America Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF) has many success stories and continues to make the gaming community a welcoming place for every student. The eligibility requirements - as well as the code of conduct - are part of this welcoming atmosphere and enforced here at El Toro.

 The Benefits of Esports

NASEF, the North America Scholastic Esports Federation says, “You would be shocked to find out the incredible benefits we’ve seen by combining the worlds of esports and education, including: Forming communities; Helping students invest in their own education; Learning valuable skills; Using esports to elevate STEM interests.

 Because ETHS Esports Club is a welcoming group and inclusive to all, members abide by the following pledge to make a positive difference in our gaming spaces.

  1. We practice good sportsmanship whether we win or lose.
  2. We show integrity by respecting the rules, opponents, and teammates.
  3. We recognize that people on line do experience an impact from our actions and words.
  4. We speak up against hate speech and harassment of any kind.
  5. We respect the sincere opinions of others, even if they're different from ours.
  6. We stop, listen, and reassess when needed.

Course Credit 

An integrated curriculum in English Language Arts is approved for “b” designation in the University of California system. This new option will be offered at El Toro High School in the near future.

Academic and Technical Skills through STEM and non-STEM postsecondary learning opportunities can help prepare students for careers. A high school curriculum in the areas of Career Technical Education (CTE) is also being designed around the four major esports sectors:  Strategy, Organization, Content Creation, and Entrepreneurship. These CTE courses are currently under review with the University of California for high school course approval.

Club Information

  • Focus is on Overwatch for the fall and League of Legends for the spring.
  • Practice times are Mondays and Thursdays after school at 3:15pm.
  • Tournament games are held on Wednesdays at 3:30pm.
  • Both practice and games are held in room 616’s computer lab.
  • Weekly club meetings are held in the MPR Mondays at lunch. All are welcome.
  • ET Esports Statistics Webpage

Parents/guardians information - link to Nasef webpage

Club Eligibility

  • Member Code of Conduct (PDF)
  • GPA Minimum 2.0
  • No “N” in Citizenship
  • For Overwatch, a minimum level of 25 is required to be eligible to compete.
  • For League of Legends, a minimum level of 10 is required to be eligible to compete.


Fall Overwatch Officers
  • President - Mathew Hsieh
  • Vice President -  Kirby Ammari
  • Secretary - Jaden Johnson
  • Treasurer - Robert Steigerwald
  • Social Media Vice Presidents - Nathan Collie, Dylan Werelius & Kallie Black
  • Webmaster - Colton Reiher
  • Fundraising Vice President - William Steigerwald
  • Tournament Vice President - Skyler Walker-Velasco
Spring League of Legend Officers
  • President - Kassandra Heitman
  • Vice President - Giovanni Guiliana
  • Secretary - Eunice Cho
  • Treasurer - Brayan Hernandez
  • Social Media Vice Presidents - Vicky Nguyen & Jefferson Hostick
  • Webmaster - Colton Reiher
  • Fundraising Vice President - Matthew Brown
  • Tournament Vice President - Abraham Castelan

Sponsor Support

If you would like to sponsor El Toro’s Esports program, please contact the general managers listed above. This support is very welcomed. Company name or logo can be printed on future club shirts!

Esports Skill & Practice Workshops Offered

In collaboration with UCI Esports and UCI Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Sciences, the following workshops will be offered periodically:  Improving your game; Learning about the behind-the-scenes work of Esports; Understanding the hardware of a computer, setting up tournaments; Analyzing your game and opponents' play; and  Practicing streaming and shoutcasting. These workshops include a segment on healthy gaming behavior.