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Senior Class President's Message

Dear Class of 2022,

Looking back at how far we've come throughout our high school journey, I cannot believe we've made it to this point! As your Senior Class President, I'm so excited to pursue the rest of the school year. When reflecting upon our time at El Toro, I'm going to deeply miss the craziness of pep rallies, high energy at football games, and the community we've all created here at El Toro. El Toro has taught me perseverance, patience, and how to enjoy every moment that is given to us. Because of the pandemic, we were not able to carry out our sophomore and junior year to its fullest potential, but I'm confident we will make this senior year unforgettable!

When moving onto the next step after high school, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone succeed, and where you will all begin the next chapter in your lives. I will miss the comforting environment of El Toro, and the Charger family we've created. El Toro has been such a great experience, and despite the limitations from the pandemic, we've made some irreplaceable memories that I will forever look back on.

Saying goodbye to all my fellow seniors will be a bittersweet experience, but I'm confident you will all do amazing things in the future. I'm looking forward to carrying out the rest of the school year, bringing back Charger spirit, and living our senior year to its fullest potential. Each and every one of you will always be part of the Charger family, and as always, Go Chargers!

Thank you Class of 2022,

Paige Ratcliffe
ASB Senior Class President