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Senior Class President's Message

Class of 2024:

Reflecting on our time in high school, I cannot believe how far we've come. Looking back on our time at El Toro, I'm going to miss the school pride at the pep rallies, the excitement of football games, and the community created from our graduating class. As Senior President, I'm so excited to fully embrace the remainder of the school year with my classmates. As my time at El Toro comes to an end, this school has taught me things that I'll carry on with me for the rest of my life. We faced many challenges going into high school such as the pandemic our freshman year, but we persevered and are now approaching our last few months of high school. With that being said, let's make our fleeting moments of senior year the very best!

As we look ahead to life beyond high school, I'm very fortunate to witness everyone's success and the paths you'll embark on. I will miss all the relationships made here on campus, and the Charger family we've built. Despite the hardships, we've all created lasting memories that I'll forever cherish. 

It’s very bittersweet seeing my fellow classmates starting to follow our own paths and part our separate ways, but I have no doubt when I say that you will all do great things in your future. Let's seize the remaining school year, showcase your Charger spirit, and make the best of our last moments of senior year.


As always, Go Chargers!

Kylie Emery

Senior Class President