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Senior Class President's Message


Hey Seniors, 

It’s Brandon Smith, your Senior Class President.  I can’t believe we are already seniors! These past four years have been such an experience, and I am so glad that I have been able to walk through it all with each and every one of you! We have gone through so much together and I am excited for one more year with you all! We are going to make this year unforgettable. From dances, like our SENIOR Prom, to beach bonfires and more, this year is going to be amazing. Let’s not forget how great our class is! We were the first Junior class to EVER win Clash of Classes. This year, clash of classes should be an easy dub so we will be back to back champions. We are the class that is bringing back our Charger spirit! We are the class of 2020, literally the best possible graduation year. We excel in everything we do, from academics to sports to visual and performing arts.  It is such an honor to be your Senior Class President this year and I can’t wait to make it amazing!

Thank you Class of 2020,

Brandon Smith