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Thursday, May 30, 6:00 p.m.

El Toro High School Graduation Ceremony at the stadium.

Graduation Practice

Graduation Practice is May 29 at 10:00am in the stadium.

Graduation Tickets

Each graduating student will receive 6 tickets. Students will be able to request additional tickets beginning April 18 through the Web Store or in ASB. Due to capacity and fire code regulations of the El Toro Athletic Complex, we have limited additional tickets available.  Additional tickets will be available as follows only while supplies last:

  • April 16-19, Round 1: Graduates may request up to 2 additional tickets while supplies last
  • April 23-26, Round 2: If tickets are still available, Graduates may request up to 2 more additional tickets while supplies last
  • April 30-May 3, Round 3: IF TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE - Graduates may request up to 5 more additional tickets

Tickets will be distributed after Graduation practice on May 29th.

Cap and Gown Distribution

Cap and Gown distribution day is April 25th from 7:15am – 9:15am. If you still need to purchase a cap and gown, they will be available for $60 at that time. Representatives from Jostens will be accepting cash only.

Ceremony Date and Time

Thursday, May 30, 6:00 p.m. El Toro High School Graduation Ceremony at the stadium.


Parking is available on campus beginning at 3:00 p.m. on May 30.

There will be handicapped parking in the first row of the student lot off Serrano Road. All cars must have a handicapped placard to park there or you will be towed. Parking will also be available at La Madera Elementary School and in the ETHS lots off Serrano, Ridge Route and Toledo. Please do not park in the neighborhoods!


Gates to the stadium will be open at 4:30 p.m. Any blankets or signs put in the stadium to save seats prior to the gates opening will be removed. Water will be available for purchase at the stadium. To enter the stadium, you must have a ticket.


If you purchased a lei for your student, please pick it up before the ceremony starts.


Only school sponsored groups with the approval from administration can wear cords or stoles.


There is no assigned seating for the ceremony. You are welcome to bring a “bleacher seat” as our bleachers do not have backrests. Please do not bring ice chests, chairs, E-Z Ups, umbrellas, balloons, megaphones, or noisemakers as we have over 500 students graduating and our stands will be filled to capacity.

Graduates' Reporting Time

Graduates report to Toledo Field at 5:00 p.m. They should be dressed in cap and gown. Students may wear flower leis during the ceremony.

Graduates' Personal Items

Graduates may not bring any personal items or have any items in their pockets. Please make arrangements to safeguard personal possessions prior to arriving at the black top. To guarantee the safety of participants and to insure the dignity of the program, all participants are subject to search.

Suggested Dress

  • Collared dress shirt, ties, dress pants. No jeans or shorts.
  • Dresses or skirts
  • Graduates must wear their El Toro High School Medallion. This will be given to them when they pick up their diploma
  • No high heels due to the artificial turf
  • No flip-flops/rainbows.
  • Nice sandals are ok.

Graduation Caps

Graduation caps may be decorated. All decorations must be school appropriate. If a cap is deemed inappropriate it will be switched for a plain cap for the ceremony.

Flowers and Balloons

Flowers and balloons are to be given to the graduate after the commencement exercises.

Check In

Students will be checked prior to entering the field to ensure that no foreign objects are taken onto the field.

Air Horns

Families: Air horns are not permitted and will be confiscated by security. Air horns that are used once a name is called will prevent the family of the next student from hearing their name. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL.


Diplomas will be distributed immediately before the ceremony at Toledo Field.  Students that borrow a cap, gown & tassel will need to return the items in order to pick up their diploma after the ceremony. Returns will be located at the ticket booth. If you purchase a cap, gown & tassel you do not need to return it.