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El Toro High School prides itself on being able to offer extra-curricular activities that interests all students on campus. Whether students are interested in computer science, drama, hunger awareness, discussing anime, or making origami, there is a club for them. El Toro has Service Clubs, focused on community service, Curricular Clubs, focused on academics, and Non-Curricular Clubs, focused on a variety of topics not associated with academia. Students are able to join these clubs at the Club Rush event at the beginning of the school year, as well as throughout the school year. Students that wish to create their own club must visit the Activities Office before Club Rush in order to collect paperwork and obtain an advisor.

All El Toro students are encouraged to join a variety of clubs in order to build lifelong skills and friendships.

Saddleback Valley Unified School District is committed to equal opportunity for all individuals in education. The district programs and activities shall be free from discrimination based on age, disability, gender, gender identity/expression, nationality, race or ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics equal rights and opportunities. Married, pregnant and parenting students shall have the same educational and extracurricular opportunities as all students. Expecting and parenting students retain the right to participate in any comprehensive school or educational alternative programs for which they would otherwise be eligible. The District shall promote programs that ensure that these discriminatory practices are eliminated in all District activities.


Club Forms


President Non-Curricular Club Day Time Advisor
trivikramans215@mysaddleback.org Badminton  Th 12:15 Lisa Mariotti
alvarezs989@mysaddleback.org Dungeons & Dragons  Wed Lunch Dr. Anderson
christmanc689@mysaddleback.org ET Mountain Bike Fri Break Bret Kimbrough
lin034@mysaddleback.org FIDM Fashion Club Fri 2:15 Monica Hinds
stormc259@mysaddleback.org Friday Night Live Tu 2:15 Kelly Tombleson
sellker749@mysaddleback.org GSA Fri Lunch Jennica Leather
pagaldiptih891@mysaddleback.org Girls Who Code Wed 3pm Nicole Muilenburg
pedrozas067@mysaddleback.org El Toro K-Pop Wed 2:15 Christina Vu
lij586@mysaddleback.org K-Dance Club Tu Lunch Lisa Mariotti
gregoryg886@mysaddleback.org Make This House A Home Th Lunch Ms. Heydenrych
gonzalezb486@mysaddleback.org Pokemon TCG Club Wed Lunch Stacey Arroyo
murphyr646@mysaddleback.org Political Theory Reading Club Th 3pm Dr. Anderson
ummadisettim279@mysaddleback.org Programming Innovation Club Fri 3:30pm Steve Van Dam
kiruveedulan739@mysaddleback.org STEM Up Tu 3:00 Karen Amos
pandeyk352@mysaddleback.org Stocks for Dummies Mon 8:30 Nicole Muilenburg
your822@mysaddleback.org Table Tennis Club Th Lunch William Tritt
clancyn728@mysaddleback.org The Game Club Mon 12:20 Trevor Strickland
kostoffa491@mysaddleback.org Unified Sports Th Lunch Kim Nguyen
stephenm451@mysaddleback.org World Wide Fund for Nature Wed 2:15 Mr. Tritt
President Service Club Day Time Advisor
giglioj346@mysaddleback.org El Toro Conservation Club Wed Lunch C. Kimbrough
chij593@mysaddleback.org El Toro Focus Air Wed Lunch C. Ledford
lyonsk255@mysaddleback.org Equality Club Tu 3:15 Deanna Pointon
edwardsj154@mysaddleback.org FCA Th Lunch James Smith
leeg330@mysaddleback.org HALT M Lunch C. Ledford
leeg330@mysaddleback.org Key Club M Lunch Karen Amos
mendisi683@mysaddleback.org Operation Smile Wed Lunch Jacob Bach
andersonl473@mysaddleback.org Saferides TBD TBD Jamie Heydenrych
yamaguchil000@mysaddleback.org UNICEF Tu 2:15 Karen Amos
prabushankare846@mysaddleback.org U-Turn Lives TBD TBD C. Ledford
President Curricular Club Day Time Advisor
fazekasj958@mysaddleback.org Aerospace Engineering  TBD TBD Mr. Ford
freemj366@mysaddleback.org Best Buddies Mon Lunch K. Morin
mendisi683@mysaddleback.org CSF Wed 2:15 Jacob Bach
ammarik141@mysaddleback.org NHS Wed 2:15 Dr. Tse
martinj219@mysaddleback.org ET Grow Th Lunch C. Kimbrough
hsiehm607@mysaddleback.org ETHS Esports Wed Lunch Maria Nadal
giglioj346@mysaddleback.org Math Honors Society Fri Lunch J. Brander
nguyenk309@mysaddleback.org Mind Over Matter Mon Lunch Mrs. Pacek
rezapourr851@mysaddleback.org MUN Tu 2:15 Ms. Maguire
ummadisettim279@mysaddleback.org Spanish National Honors Society Th Lunch Ms. Sepulveda-Higgins

NC = Non-curricular Club

C = Curricular Club

S = Service Club