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El Toro High School prides itself on being able to offer extra-curricular activities that interests all students on campus. Whether students are interested in computer science, drama, hunger awareness, discussing anime, or making origami, there is a club for them. El Toro has Service Clubs, focused on community service, Curricular Clubs, focused on academics, and Non-Curricular Clubs, focused on a variety of topics not associated with academia. Students are able to join these clubs at the Club Rush event at the beginning of the school year, as well as throughout the school year. Students that wish to create their own club must visit the Activities Office before Club Rush in order to collect paperwork and obtain an advisor.

All El Toro students are encouraged to join a variety of clubs in order to build lifelong skills and friendships.

Saddleback Valley Unified School District is committed to equal opportunity for all individuals in education. The district programs and activities shall be free from discrimination based on age, disability, gender, gender identity/expression, nationality, race or ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics equal rights and opportunities. Married, pregnant and parenting students shall have the same educational and extracurricular opportunities as all students. Expecting and parenting students retain the right to participate in any comprehensive school or educational alternative programs for which they would otherwise be eligible. The District shall promote programs that ensure that these discriminatory practices are eliminated in all District activities.


Club Forms

Clubs 2022-23 School Year

Advancement Chess Club Gabriel Fitzpatrick Jacob Bach Thursday Weekly 3:50 Room 413 NC
Anime Analysis Club Lucas Bedea Mr. Thomas Thursday Bi Weekly Lunch Room 610 NC
Badminton Club Samiksha Triuikraman Mrs. Mariotti Wednesday Weekly Lunch Gym NC
Beach Clean Up Club Juliana Micallef Brett Kimbrough Wednesdays Monthly Lunch Room 802 S
Best Buddies Kayla Lyons Ms. Kim Nguyen Mondays Weekly Lunch MPR S
Bullseye Club Lorena Rocha Mr. Flake Fridays Bi Weekly 11:15 Room 210 C
California Scholarship Federation (CSF) Vagish Shenthan  Jacob Bach M,T,W,T,F Bi Weekly Lunch Room 413 C
Crochet Club Sofia Brown Mrs. Tinsley Wednesdays Bi Weekly Lunch Room 209 S
Drama Club Nikki Karns Mr. Blackley Wednesday Bi Weekly Lunch Room 712 C
Dungeons and Dragons Club Solomon Alavarez Dr. Anderson Thursday Weekly Lunch Room 505 NC
El Toro DECA Atharv Attri Deana Pointon Fridays Weekly Lunch Room 205 C
El Toro Fashion Club Julia Kwarteng Mrs. Pacek Wednesday Weekly Tutorial Room 515 NC
El Toro Mountain Biking Club Lukas Franz Trevor Strickland Thursday Bi Weekly 1:35 Room 816 NC
El Toro Thrift and Sustanibility Club Emma Schwald Mrs. Ledford Friday Bi Weekly Lunch Room 203 NC
El Toro Volleyball Club Dan Tran Lisa Mariotte Thursday Weekly Lunch Aux Gym NC
Engeneering and Design Club Jackson Barney Doug Ford Fridays Weekly Tutorial Room 605 C
ET Art Club Dan Tran / Joanna Lee Mrs. Sieb Thursdays Weekly  Lunch Room 617 C
ET Auto Club Kirin Comstock Casey Moir Thursdays Monthly 9:20 Room 607 C
ET Grow Sravani Kamineni Mrs Kimbrough Wednesdays Monthly Lunch Room 809 S
ETHS Esports Joanna Lee Dawn Brander Monday Weekly Lunch Room 402 NC
Farm and Garden Club Autumn Aliotta James Smith Wednesday Monthly Break Room 415 NC
FCA Nathaniel Varela James Smith Thursday Monthly Lunch Room 602 NC
Feminist Coalition Club Michaela Arsene Ms. Ledford Wednesdays Bi Monthly Lunch Room 203 S
Film Club Lorena Rocha Henry Thomas Thursday Bi Weekly 9:25 Room 610 NC
French Club Giselle Ferrer Regina Blackley Thursdays Weekly Lunch Room 313 C
Gender and Sexualtiy Alliance Matthew Biedenbach Jennica Leather Friday Bi Weekly Lunch Room 305 NC
Health and Fitness Club Sean Greenberg Garrett Falke  Monday Monthly Lunch Room 210 NC
Improve Club Elyssa Fresquez Dr. Sucamele Monday Bi Weekly Lunch Room 303 NC
Just Serve Benjamin Stout Garret Falke Wednesdays Monthly Lunch Room 210 S
Key Club Caleigh Andrews Mrs. Amos Friday Monthly Lunch MPR S
Korean Culture Club Wansun Jung-Aum Ms. Park Tuesday Monthly Lunch Room 602 NC
K-Toro  Rebecca Blue Anthony Aguirre Tuesday Bi Weekly Lunch Room 409 NC
Light the Candles Zainab Tahmass Mrs. Francis Wednesdays Weekly Lunch Room 301 S
Math Honors Society Caleigh Andrews Mrs. Brander Wed & Thurs Bi Weekly Lunch   C
Med Club Sophia Polozoua Mr. Tse Wednesdays Monthly Tutorial Room 813 S
Model United Nations Natalie Tang Ms. Maguire Tuesdays Monthly Lunch Room 512 C
Movie Lovers Club Rani Bhagat Christy Ledford Friday Bi Weekly Lunch Room 203 NC
Music Appreciation Club Garret Freeman Senor Tritt Wednesday Weekly Lunch Room 315 NC
National Honors Society Natalie Tang Dr. Tse Wednesday Bi Weekly Lunch Room 812 C
Ocean Conservation Club Grace Rider Brett Kimbrough Friday Monthly Lunch Room 803 S
Photo Club Zoe Cassens Jane Goodfellow Monday Weekly 7:30-8:25 Room 604 C
Plant Club Ethan Machesky Catherine Kimbrough Thursday Monthly 9:25 Room 809 NC
Speech and Debate Club Grace Rider Mr. Vandam Tuesdays Bi Weekly Lunch Room 202 C
Sunset Care Club Victoria Lupotti / Tamana Malek Mr. Smith Tuesdays Monthly Tutorial Room 415 S
Surf Riders Carson Kubelun Mr. Burt Mondays Monthly Lunch Room 504 S
The Anime Club Amber Tyrone Mrs Francis Tuesday Weekly Lunch Room 301 NC
The Mindfull Movement Amanda Flores Mrs Hinds Thursday Bi Weekly Lunch Room 211 NC
The Newcomers Kevin Gonzalez Ivan Melgarejo Thursdays Bi Weekly Lunch Room 305 C
The Robotics Club Nihanth Munukutla Nicole Muilenburg Wednesday Bi Weekly Lunch Room 609 C
The Volunteer Club Amber Tyrone Mrs. Pacek Wednesdays Monthly Lunch Room 515 S
U-Turn Lives Ekantika Prabu Shanker Trevor Strickland   Weekly     S
Vietnamese Food and Culture Club Allen Nguyen Nicole Muildenburg Tuesday Bi Weekly Lunch Room 609 NC
Wellness Club Diya Saudharia Ms. Vail Tuesday Monthly Lunch Room 209 NC
Womens Empowerment Club Camryn Bradshaw Mrs. Tinsley Tuesdays Weekly Lunch Room 209 S
YSM (Your Story Matters) Miguel Portillo Greg Frank Wednesday Monthly Lunch Room 304 NC


NC = Non-curricular Club

C = Curricular Club

S = Service Club