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Associated Student Body (ASB) Officers

The El Toro High School Associated Student Body (ASB) Cabinet is comprised of a diverse group of student leaders that are either elected by their peers or appointed after interviews. Students that are interested in being an ASB Cabinet member or ASB Officer are encouraged to apply in Spring. Class Senators and Class Representatives are appointed at the beginning of each school year.

2020-21 ASB Student Officers

ASB President

Caroline Min

ASB Vice-President

Nick Trafton

ASB Treasurer

Juliet Busch

ASB Secretary

Jeremy Giglio

ASB Historian

Jesse Sequoia

Senior Class President

Milana Salaya

Senior Class Vice-President

Dylan Messineo

Senior Class Representative

Leryah Prijoles

Junior Class President

Jenna Parsio

Junior Class Vice-President

Camille Van Dyke

Junior Class Representative

Alex Rios

Junior Class Representative

Michael Chavez

Sophomore Class President

Logan Botts

Sophomore Class Vice-President

Ethan Machesky

Sophomore Class Representative

Ryann Purcell

Sophomore Class Representative

Natasha Quinn

Freshmen Class President

Jordan Clark

Freshmen Class Vice-President

Nicole Holaday

Freshmen Class Representative

Savannah Stein

Freshmen Class Representative

Michael Khanoyan

Commissioner of Student Relations

Marwa Mamozai

Commissioner of Student Communications

Luke Stathakis 

Commissioner of Student Communications

Amanda Crook

Commissioner of Girls Athletics

Malia Ramirez

Commissioner of Boys Athletics

Preston Abbott

Commissioner of Assemblies

Jared Go

Commissioner of Assemblies

Jordan Houten

Commissioner of Clubs

Leila Amidi

ELL Liaison

Nadia Cano

Commissioner of Spirit

Shannon Flood

Commissioner of Entertainment

Amy Derkum

Commissioner of Entertainment

Jillian Millsap

Commissioner of Technology

Cameron Johnson

Commissioner of Community Service

Aidan Machesky

Commissioner of Performing Arts

Mia Chang

Commissioner of Special Events

Paige Ratcliffe

Commissioner of Publicity

Presley Pham

Lake Forest City Representative

Andrew Browe

School Board Representative

Aidan Irving