Associated Student Body (ASB) Officers

The El Toro High School Associated Student Body (ASB) Cabinet is comprised of a diverse group of student leaders that are either elected by their peers or appointed after interviews. Students that are interested in being an ASB Cabinet member or ASB Officer are encouraged to apply in Spring. Class Senators and Class Representatives are appointed at the beginning of each school year.

Incoming 9th grade students interested in ASB can apply Fall of their freshmen year.

2017-2018 ASB Officers and Commissioners

ASB Officers

ASB President: Jackson Machesky
ASB Vice President: Nelson Down-Jones
ASB Treasurer: Evan Browning
ASB Secretary: Hope Blanchard ASB Historian: Josh Flores

Senior Class Officers

Senior Class President: Noelle Ness
Senior Class Vice President: Emily Pena
Senior Class Treasurer: Madelyn Shoffeit
Senior Class Secretary: Sophia Ramos

Junior Class Officers

Junior Class President: Alexandra Barriga
Junior Class Vice President: Timothy Banh
Junior Class Treasurer: Nima Moniri
Junior Class Secretary: Jady Haley

Sophomore Class Officers

Sophomore Class President: Reynold Ramos
Sophomore Class Vice President: Brandon Smith
Sophomore Class Treasurer: Sophia San Roman
Sophomore Class Secretary: Sofia Shapiro

Freshmen Class Officers

Freshmen Class President: Nico Anderson
Freshmen Class Vice President: Jared Go
Freshmen Class Treasurer: Nick Trafton
Freshmen Class Secretary: Milana Salaya

ASB Commissioners

Commissioner of Spirit: Madeline Browning
Commissioner of Boy's Athletics: Loyd Calanoc
Commissioner of Girl's Athletics: Gianna Longo
Commissioner of Visual & Performing Arts: Noah Ehler
Commissioner of Clubs: Hayden Wheeler
Commissioner of Publicity: Jake MacNevin
Commissioner of Entertainment: Annika Ingrassia
Commissioner of Entertainment: Samantha Macias
Commissioner of Technology: Tim Le
Commissioner of Assemblies: Hayley Ryan
Commissioner of Students: Shivam Srivastava
Commissioner of Students: Hannah Tulanian
Commissioner of Service: Zachary Waterman
Commissioners of Activities: Jeremy Ford
SVUSD Board Representative: Isabella Polito
Lake Forest City Liaison: Sarah Dalstrom