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SVUSD K12 STEAM Academy at El Toro High School

Welcome to SVUSD K12 STEAM Academy at El Toro High School! Click below for our Showcase video on the STEAM Academy.  

2022 ETHS STEAM Showcase Video

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ETHS STEAM Academy Mission Statement: 

The STEAM Academy at El Toro High School is designed for students who want a 21st century education that integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math while allowing access to our other distinguished programs and extracurricular activities.  Students will engage in hands-on, real-world problem solving and collaborative experiences that will prepare them for their postsecondary future aspirations.

STEAM Academy Graduation Criteria:

• Complete 2-year STEAM  CTE pathway with course grades of C- or better

• Industry Certification (exams taken at end of Concentrator and Capstone)

• 1 full year of VAPA

• Take 1 full year AP course

Placement policy: STEAM students will be placed in our CTE-integrated core courses whenever possible within the confines of our master schedule.  If the Guidance Department can place them in the CTE-integrated core classes, they will; if a conflict arises, the STEAM student may be placed in a non-CTE-integrated core class, and that decision is up to the Guidance Department.  A STEAM student cannot take some CTE-integrated core classes but opt out of others.

STEAM Course Offerings