El Toro High School

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Why El Toro?

El Toro High School is one of the best high schools in America! Let us give you the Top 5 Reasons why our students, parents, and staff are proud to call themselves Chargers.

1. Diversity

The diverse population of both students and staff at our school promotes a bringing together of different backgrounds, cultures, and traditions. Students and staff alike are able to heighten their knowledge and perspective of the world through interacting and collaborating with each other on a daily basis. In the classroom, students are able to learn, problem solve, and understand each other’s different actions and behaviors. Students and staff at El Toro are true global citizens that create welcoming, respectful learning environments that promote access and opportunity for all.

2. Service Before Self

Generosity and compassion are characteristics that are very well-engrained in the hearts of our students. Over 100,000 cans are raised each year during the annual canned food drive (111,922 cans were raised last year), hundreds of toys are collected for children during the holidays, students donate blood at American Red Cross blood drives, thousands of dollars are raised during Pink Week for hereditary cancer research, as well as for the construction of a new Children’s Center in Uganda, and much, much more. Students at El Toro thrive on putting others before themselves and giving back to those that are less fortunate. Community service is an integral part of what makes our Chargers a higher grade of student.

3. Excellence in Education

As a 21st century high school, El Toro is committed to preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s world. Our teachers focus on using innovative teaching strategies and assessments that provide students the opportunities to use critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. Teachers at El Toro High School understand the significance of a well-balanced curriculum that is delivered through student driven instruction and research. El Toro is also pleased to offer our students a wide-selection of academic classes, pathways, and extra-curricular programs in order to meet their individual needs.

4. Superior Athletics

Students that choose to take part in El Toro’s rich athletic programs are offered world class coaches and programs. Our student athletes are trained to become major contenders on the court, in the pool, or on the field. Participating in athletics provides students meaningful opportunities to grow both as an individual and a team member. Student athletes are highly encouraged to play multiple sports in order to enhance their high school athletic experience. El Toro is proud to instill in our athletes values such as hard work, responsibility, and discipline.

5. School Spirit

Once you have attended an athletic event or Pep Rally, you will understand why El Toro was named a finalist for America’s Most Spirited High School, and ranked one of the Top Student Sections in Southern California. Spectators and students at our events have to expect the following: face paint, glitter, pep-squad, t-shirts, beads, large crowds chanting, pom-poms, foam fingers, band pep tunes, and Royal Blue and Gold as far as the eye can see. Our student body creates a strong culture of school pride that in turn builds higher student achievement, attendance, and motivation. Not to mention, our students are able to come together in order to create long lasting relationships with their peers.