Principal's Message

Dear Charger Families,

I hope you are staying safe and healthy during this period of school closure.  The district has announced its general guidelines for grading during Distance Learning.  ETHS is working diligently to apply these guidelines to individual classes around campus.  We appreciate your patience and understanding while teachers upload grades into Aeries.


SVUSD will be using a “Credit”/”Incomplete” mark with an option for students in grades 7-12 to select a letter grade for any course(s) they choose for the final grading period of the 2019-20 school year. Final report cards for high school students (9-12) will receive marks of “Credit” or “Incomplete” unless a letter grade is selected by the student/parent.  Teachers will notify students of their final grades by June 5th. Students/parents can select to have a letter grade for one or more of their classes and they must select this option by notifying their teacher by no later than 4:00 p.m. on June 8th. Students/parents will be given a link to an online form if they elect to opt for a letter grade of A, B, or C for any or all of their courses. Both options available to students will include a provision that does not allow student grades to be lower than the grade a student had at the time of school dismissals on March 13. 

Class of 2020 Graduation Requirements

The board of education waived the following graduation requirements for the Class of 2020: 

  • No Writing Proficiency Exam
  • No demerits clearance requirement
  • No minimum GPA requirement
  • No community service hours requirement

FAQ for Hybrid Grading Model



When does a student have to make a decision between letter grade and Credit/Inc.?  

Online Opt In form is due by 4pm on June 8th.

Will the UCs/CSUs take both Credit/Inc. and letter grades on a student’s transcript? 

Yes, both systems have announced that Credit in a-g courses is accepted.

Will a student with a Credit mark be less competitive for college admission versus a student who takes a grade A-C?

Universities have made assurances that students receiving “Credit” will not be penalized in the admissions process

What does “Do No Harm” mean?

“Do No Harm” means that a student’s final grades cannot be lower than what they were at the time of school dismissals.  Students can work to improve their grades, but they may not be lowered.

Can a student take “Credit” for some classes and grades for others?

Students may Opt In for a letter grade or will receive Credit/Inc. in any of their classes.

When will secondary teachers notify their students of their final grades so students can decide whether to take Credit or a letter grade?

Teachers will notify their students of their grades on June 5th.

How will students make up full or partial credit for courses?

Options are being evaluated to offer some type of online credit recovery during the summer and/or school year for students to earn credit.  

If a student receives an Inc., who will be responsible for monitoring students’ progress toward earning Credit?

Rather than the classroom teacher, the administrator/teacher of the online credit recovery program will be responsible for monitoring students’ progress.

What grade qualifies for a Credit?

Traditional A-D grades qualify for a Credit.

If a student chooses the Credit/Inc. for a course, what is the impact to the student’s GPA and earned credits for the Spring 2020 Semester?

A Credit/Inc. will not be factored into the GPA calculation.  Students who earn the Credit mark will earn the credits for that course. 

Will a student see the letter grade before making a decision between Credit/Inc. and taking an A-C letter grade?

Yes. The student will be able to view their assigned letter-grade before making this decision.  This must be made available to students on June 5th.

What resources are available to help a student decide whether to take a Credit/Inc. grade or an assigned A-C letter grade? 

Students can consult with their teacher, school counselor or administrator prior to making a decision to move from Credit/Inc. to an assigned A-C letter grade

If a student elects to take a course for Credit/Inc., will a Credit be eligible to meet the prerequisites for subsequent courses?

Yes. The Credit for the course will be eligible to satisfy subsequent prerequisites. However, if there is any question or doubt about a student’s preparedness for a subsequent course, the student should seek advice from their school counselor.

Will the Credit/Inc. options for Spring 2020 become a permanent student option?

No. The Credit/Inc. options and policy exceptions will only apply for Spring 2020.

Will there be final exams for Spring 2020? 

No.  Students will need to know their final grades by June 5th.  Students/families will have a deadline of June 8th to opt out of C/Inc and into a letter grade.  



Mrs. Terri Gusiff