Field Study

Trabuco Field Study offers an exciting science field trip for students. Our location within Trabuco Canyon provides a unique opportunity for a hands-on science adventure for every grade level, TK through 6th grade. Be inspired by our experienced teachers who have developed lessons and activities correlated to classroom science units that incorporate STEM and Next Generation Science Standards. Our innovative field study program includes hands-on science activities, guided trail hiking, and an up close visit with our live animals. Students will learn to "read the land", understand what they see, and enjoy what they have learned. Early California will come to life for students on the trail, in the classroom, and on the farm.

Located at the historic Trabuco Elementary School site in the Saddleback Valley Unified School District, we are in our 20th year. Please take a moment to explore our site for a look at what Trabuco Field Study has to offer.

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Info for Teachers

Thank you for choosing Trabuco Field Study for your field trip! The following forms will assist you in preparing for a great day.

Planning Info


  • Prior to your trip, please view the Information for Teachers section to download important forms.

Beat the Crowds!

  • For optimal times, book your Trabuco Field Study trip early.

Visitor Tips

  • Dress for the weather. A portion of most programs is outside unless weather conditions are extreme.
    • Loose fitting pants or shorts
    • Short sleeve shirt or top and a jacket or sweatshirt on cool days
    • Athletic or trail shoes with socks (no sandals)
    • Hats, sunscreen and sunglasses are optional
  • Students should bring a sack lunch and a drink in a disposable bag.
  • Water is available on campus, but students may bring a disposable water bottle marked with their name.


  • When should we arrive? 15 minutes prior to the start of your tour
  • What is the maximum group size? We accommodate all size groups. Contact Us.
  • Can we buy food? Food is not available at the site. Bring lunches and a snack. Lunch tables and a play area are provided.
  • How do we get there?
    • East on Rancho Santa Margarita Parkway North on Plano Trabuco, which becomes Trabuco Canyon Road.
    • North on El Toro Road. Right on Live Oak Canyon Road, which becomes Trabuco Canyon Road.

Grade Level Activities

TK: Old Trabuco Farm

During your trip, you may:
  • Take a trip back in time to 1879 to do farm chores and play old fashioned games.
  • Travel from farm to market while planting vegetables and making butter.
  • Visit our farm and interact with our friendly animals.
  • Meet Rosie the Hen and join her for her walk.

K: Kindergarten in Motion

During your trip, you may:
  • Meet and feed our friendly farm animals.
  • Investigate forces and motion of objects.
  • Try a new activity to have fun with weather science.

Grade 1: School Days

During your trip, you may:
  • Experience historic Trabuco Canyon School, founded in 1879, with Miss McPherson as your teacher.
  • Feed, pet and learn more about our friendly farm animals.
  • Visit the oak woodland and meet wiggly worms.
  • Explore the ways light and sound waves travel.

Grade 2: Be A Field Scientist

During your trip, you may:
  • Use the tools and techniques of a field scientist.
  • Engineer a tool to help pollinate flowers.
  • Test materials to find the best one to keep Rosie the Hen safe and dry.
  • Hike the Trabuco Creek Trail, finding examples of fast and slow changes to our Earth.

Grade 3: Keepers of the Earth and Sky

During your trip, you may:
  • Explore the world around you and the distant stars.
  • See native flora and fauna on a woodland trail in Trabuco Canyon.
  • Create a nature notebook in our Critter Lab.
  • Build and race balloon cars to test Newton's 3rd Law.
  • Marvel at the stars and learn their legends in the Starlab.

Grade 4: Old Trabuco Mining Camp

During your trip, you may:
  • Mine for precious minerals in the Trabuco Sluice.
  • Hike and experience the oak woodland and chaparral ecosystems.
  • Meet canyon critters in the O’Neill Nature Center.
  • Explore light and sound waves by building electric circuits and sending Morse code messages.

Grade 5: Inside the Earth and Beyond

During this trip, you may:
  • Join us for two exciting days to prepare for your science test.
  • Discover Trabuco’s fantastic geology and geography.
  • Examine pond ecosystems with microscopes.
  • Create chemical reactions.
  • Locate exciting elements on the Periodic Table.
  • Engage in a group engineering project.
  • Make circuits and electromagnets.
  • Try hands-on weather experiments.

Grade 6: Science Tales

During your trip, you may:

  • Join us for a scientific twist to classic fairy tales - lessons incorporating the Next Generation Science Standards including engineering, human impact on systems and patterns in nature.