Policies & Procedures


Parent Handbook

Important Safety Reminders


Our school parking lot is extremely busy during drop off and pick up times.  All students should be in class at 8:00 a.m.

 In an effort to insure the safety of our students, please take time to review the following parking lot safety procedures:

1.     The entrance to the parking lot is near the tennis courts at Trabuco Mesa Park.  Traffic should flow one direction, from the park side entrance to the front exit.  Parking spaces are reserved for staff; however, parents are welcome to use any remaining spots after 7:45 a.m.

2.     Children are never allowed in the parking lot without an adult.  Please do not park and motion for your child to cross in front of on-coming traffic.  Please park and walk your child around the parking lot via the sidewalk.

3.     At morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up, cars should move through the parking lot in a single file line along the curb.  Please pull forward along the curb and watch for directions from a supervising adult.  Once you are fully stopped, you may allow your child to exit the car on the curbside only.   The left lane will be used for cars driving through the parking lot.  Please take care if pulling out into the left flow-through lane. Please drive slowly and watch for pedestrians.

4.     To make the most efficient use of this system, families must be organized prior to entering the parking lot in the morning.  Students need to be fully dressed, papers should be signed, and lunch money needs to be distributed.  When students are not prepared for drop off, it impedes the flow of traffic and makes it impossible for us to unload students in an efficient manner.  If you find that your children are not ready to unload from the car, please find a parking space on the street and take care of these last-minute needs.

5.     Kindergarten parents should always park and walk to the classroom for drop off and pick up.  Parents should not park at the red curb for drop-off/pick-up.  Kindergarten students must be escorted to and from class.  Kindergarten teachers will only release children to an adult.  Please be on time in the morning and at the conclusion of the day.  The office does not have the personnel to adequately supervise students who have not been picked up by parents.

6.     Afternoon pick-up procedure is very similar to morning drop-off procedure.  Parents may form a single file line, in the right line closest to the curb, and wait for their child to meet them at their car.  We will allow students to enter cars parked in the right lane or parents may pull forward and pick up their child at the curb.  Please pay attention to the adult supervisor who will be assisting children. If your child is not waiting at the curb, you may be asked to pull out of the parking lot and swing back around to the entrance to keep the traffic flow.

7.     For street drop-off/pick-up, you must adhere to the California Vehicle Code:

•       Do not park at a red curb

•       Do not double park and wait for your child.

•       Do not park on the opposite side of the street and motion for your child to “jaywalk” in front of on-  coming traffic.

•       Your child must use the crosswalk to reach the other side of the street.

•       Infractions will result in tickets by the OC Sheriff’s Department.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in addressing these important safety issues