Drop-off & Pick-up

Drop-off and Pick-up can be overwhelming for some, especially if you are new to Santiago.  Our parking lot is quite small, but we have a lot of space on the street to park.  Please, take a moment to look over our "Cheat Sheet" to guide you on the best way to maneuver through our parking lot.

Our campus opens to students at 8:05am.  Once you arrive, have your child make their way to their class' designated line-up location. Students will be picked up by their teacher no later than 8:15am.

If you arrive around 8:10am in the parking lot, expect delays which may cause your child to be tardy. If they are late, have them proceed to the office for a late slip.  If they go straight to the class late, they will still need to go back to the office, which will delay their learning.  (The first week of school there will be no tardies recorded as everyone gets back in to the swing of things.)

We need to do our best to not block any portion of Rivendell Drive.  If the parking lot line is full, please drive further down the street to park instead of blocking traffic.  There are NO U-Turns or double parking on Rivendell Drive. Please, always drive slowly on Rivendell and in our parking lot at all times for the safety of all.

After looking over our Cheat Sheet, please take a few minutes to watch our short Ten Tip video on Drop-off and Pick-up.

DUE TO District Safety Guidelines, PARENTS MAY ONLY WALK CHILDREN TO THEIR CLASS LINE-UP AREA ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.  Beginning Day Two, parents will be asked to either drop off their children from their cars, or stop at the designated waiting areas off of the campus:

For Kindergarten:  Walking path to the grass area outside the kindergarten play area by the parking lot.

All Others: The public sidewalks between the parking lot and the field, plus the large dirt area next to the parking lot/office. 

Thank you for your support and patience.

"Drop-off & Pick-up Cheat Sheet

Ten Tips for Drop-off & Pick-up