UnHomework Policy

Dear Santiago STEAM Magnet Families,

At Santiago STEAM Magnet, our mission is to provide meaningful, innovative learning experiences for a community of diverse learners who solve complex problems with creativity and confidence.  When we typically think of homework, “meaningful and innovative” are rarely associated.  Much research has been done regarding the effects of homework on student achievement.  Positive effects decrease as student age decreases with the least effect happening in elementary school.  More complex homework without the proper instruction at home tends to be frustrating to students and parents ending in students either not completing the homework or reinforcing incorrect understanding of the skills or concept.

To this end, Santiago STEAM Magnet intends to focus all our energy on instruction at school.  Homework will not be a nightly scheduled event.  If work does come home, it is with the full understanding that your child has the skills or concepts necessary to complete the work independently.

Guidelines for our UnHomework Policy:

  1. UnHomework is not a requirement.
  2. If Unhomework is assigned, it should be directly related to current classroom instruction and activities and clearly understood and achievable independently by the student.
  3. Students should understand how each assignment helps learning and teachers should make an effort to promote student ownership.
  4. Consideration should be given to the impact of Unhomework on family time.
  5. Reading for pleasure on a nightly basis should be strongly encouraged.
  6. No separate grade or reward/punishment should be given regarding Unhomework.

UnHomework is encouraged for students and families related to the 4Cs:

I. Collaboration

  • Gathering Information for Projects (interviews, museum visits)
  • Extra Curricular Activities
  • Community Outreach/Volunteering
  • Contributing to Household Activities

II. Communication

  • Daily Reflection of Learning
  • Second Step Home Link
  • Attend Santiago’s “Ignite Nights”
  • Check Bloomz Regularly
  • Family Talk Time

III. Critical Thinking

  • Ask Questions
  • Make Real-World Connections
  • ST Math

IV. Creativity

  • Reading - Instill a Joy for Reading
  • Outdoor Play and Explore Nature
  • Try Something New