Empowered thinkers & creators positively impacting our global community



We provide meaningful, innovative learning experiences for a community of diverse learners who solve complex problems with creativity and confidence.


Core Beliefs

We believe STEAM is a creative and purpose-driven approach grounded in content knowledge, skills, and cognitive processes, whose aim is to empower all learners to positively impact our global community.

We believe Project Based Learning through Interdisciplinary Instruction using a Human-Centered Design Thinking Process in flexible learning environments with a focus on social-emotional intelligence are the best vehicles for our children to gain the skills necessary to solve our present and future environmental, health, and social issues.

We believe students can identify their  passions, create innovative solutions, and produce work of real value to solve complex issues facing the world today.


Guiding Principles

4Cs Drive Innovation

  Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity are integrated throughout the day to support students in becoming innovative learners.

Deep Knowledge

Having deep knowledge in content happens when interdisciplinary instruction occurs.  High-Quality Project Based Learning allows students to show their deep knowledge in creative and intensive ways. 

Empathy and Kindness

Focusing on the whole child reminds us that nurturing students and teaching empathy and kindness is an essential part of the learning process.

Deliver Beautiful Work

Having high expectations of all students creates an environment where delivering beautiful work is the norm.  Giving students multiple times to revise their thinking and work supports this practice.

Connect Locally and Globally

In everything students do, it is important for them to understand how we are all connected locally and globally.  During High-Quality Project Based Learning, engagement increases when students know what they are doing matters, to not only them, but others, beyond the classroom.

Purpose Driven

 In all our High-Quality Project Based units, teachers work to make instruction relatable and purposeful.  Including goals, action plans, and driving questions support this principle.

Student Voice and Choice

Student Voice and Choice moves us closer to a student-centered learning environment.  Throughout High-Quality Project Based Learning units, students take more and more ownership of the direction of their learning and how they will represent their understanding of that learning with others.  This is strategic and incremental within  appropriate developmental stages.  

Growth Mindset

Do you have a growth mindset?  This means you are open to learning.  You have the ability to understand that mistakes create opportunities for growth.  Using a Human-Centered Design Thinking process works to enhance students' creative confidence and, in turn, improve their final deliverable within a given project.