Why Montevideo?

Montevideo Elementary is a diverse community of learners committed to become leaders of the 21st century. We pride ourselves as being a highly inclusive community that embraces our differences. At Montevideo we have a specialized academic instruction (SAI) program for autism that is integrated within our school. The children at Montevideo are very accepting of all children of various abilities and needs.

Our staff is focused on providing an engaging environment with innovative lessons that challenge all students to reach their full potential. The school has integrated either chrome books or I-pads into every classroom. We are currently developing a new STEAM lab for students to become more proficient with the NGSS science standards.

From the time you walk onto the Montevideo campus, it is easy to feel the sense of community between parents, PTA, staff, and students. Parental involvement is the norm and adds to the warm collaborate atmosphere at the school.

Our scholars at Montevideo strive to ROCK every day, being: