Weekly Announcements

Monday Morning Wake Up

On the first morning of each week, student leaders join Mr. Morrow in conducting the flag salute and making announcements to the student body. Here you can see a summarized version of what was announced this week.

Monday, March 19th, 2018


  • It’s Book Fair Week
  • Minimum Day Wednesday
  • Family Picnic on Friday

Book Fair Announcements:

The coin challenge was a hit! Our school raised a total of $3,036.21!

Lower Grades:

3rd Place- Roberson

2nd Place- Kawahara

1st Place with a total of $283.76 raised was Mrs. Horner’s class.

Upper Grades:

3rd Place- Krick

2nd Place- Anderson

1st Place with at total of $263.55 raised was Mrs. Trytten’s class.

Both 1st Place winners will receive a pizza and popsicle party and the teacher will receive a $30 Scholastic gift certificate to use at the Book Fair. Second and 3rd place winners will receive popsicles and these teachers will get a $20 Scholastic gift certificate… and.... because all the classes worked so hard, everyone will receive an Otter Pop party.

Reading News: Karina L.


Reading Clue Announcers: Keep up the great work doing stop, drop, and read announcements! Keep practicing your lines and remembering your day to make the announcement.

Spirit Pail March Results: For the TK and Kindergarten classes...

Second place goes to Mrs. Goodman’s TK class with 48% or the class participating. First place goes to Mrs. Dignan’s combo class that had 68% of the class showing their Lomarena pride!

For the lower grades...earning second place with over 81% of the students is Mrs. Neiman’s 3rd grade class....winning the pail this month is Miss Reiss’ first grade class with more than 86% participation. A special cat in the hat award goes to Ms. Roberson’s class who had a cat in the hat pajama day with 100% participation!

For the upper grades, Miss Anderson’s class earned second place with nearly 90% participation but winning the pail again is Mrs. Krick’s fifth grade class with 86.5% participation!

Congratulations to our winning classes!