Weekly Announcements

Monday Morning Wake Up

On the first morning of each week, student leaders join Mr. Morrow in conducting the flag salute and making announcements to the student body. Here you can see a summarized version of what was announced this week.

Lomarena Families,

Have a restful and relaxing summer! Mrs. Montgomery, your new principal, will be ready to meet and greet everyone mid-August.


Mr. Morrow

Monday, June 11th, 2018


  • Minimum Day Wednesday and Thursday
  • Thursday is the last day of school for the 17-18 school year

Spirit Pail Results For June:

Here are the results for the FINAL spirit pail.

For the Kindergarten and TK classes, second place goes to Miss O'Reilly's Kindergarten class with 17 students participating. But, earning the spirit pail with 90% of her students participating is Mrs. Dignan's Kindergarten/First grade class.

For the lower grades....second place goes to Mrs. Kawahara's second grade class who had 82% of the students wearing their Lomarena colors. The final spirit pail of the year goes to Mrs. Richell's class with 85% of the class showing their paw pride and wearing Lomarena colors.

Finally, for the upper grades, those sixth grade classes all gave it a good shot ....Ms. Mancha's class had 84%, Mrs. Trytten's class had 88%, and Ms. Marron's class had 91%, but you cannont beat Mrs. Krick's fifth grade class who earned the spirit pail again this year with 100%. Great job and congratulations from the PTA.

Thank you to Mrs. Jacobsen for keeping track of our spirit pail percentages the last 9 years!