Coordinator's Message

My name is Marion Springett, and I’m the site Coordinator at La Tierra Early Childhood Center (La Tierra ECC).  I have been in my current leadership role at La Tierra ECC since 2016, but have been part of the La Tierra ECC community for over a decade as a school psychologist.  I strive to be the best that I can be in all that I do and view La Tierra ECC not just as a school, but a place where I am blessed to work with students and their families.  I am very passionate about education, and particularly, special education.  My work, to date, has focused on supporting the mission of the Saddleback Valley Unified School District (SVUSD) by providing all students with a high quality education in a safe and nurturing environment, supported by the partnerships of school, home and community, that will instill the knowledge, skills and values necessary for each student to reach their full potential and to become contributing and compassionate citizens in the world community. 

My personal vision of educational leadership is to lead an educational team, in collaboration with all members of the school community, which provides purposeful, developmentally appropriate, quality education within a nurturing environment with adequate supports in place for  students.  I believe that school should be a safe place where trained, caring professionals provide instruction that is meaningful, practical, and leads all students to reach their fullest potential while embracing and celebrating diversity.  As an educational leader, I also believe that it is my duty to ensure that student is provided with opportunities that enables them to access curriculum in an equitable way.  In order to accomplish this, the staff at La Tierra ECC and I have developed a shared vision and educational plan that maximizes our resources so that our goals can be achieved.   

At La Tierra ECC, our vision is for all students to enter the k-12 system ready to meet the demands placed upon them.  We believe that a high quality early childhood educational experience provides children with a standards-based, broad range of skills to meet the everyday demands placed upon them. We believe that developmentally appropriate practice is purposeful, playful, and planned.  We believe that every child should experience school as a place where caring adults are fully engaged with them throughout their educational day.  We also believe that families are an important part of the educational process and we welcome all families to participate in all aspects of their child's educational experience.

Marion Springett 

Site Coordinator