Policies & Procedures

Parent Student Handbook

Class Formation Protocols

Dear Families,

Each Spring La Madera teachers and the administration begin to form classes for the upcoming school year. The task of assigning a student to a specific class is neither an arbitrary or capricious act; it is a carefully planned and thought-out process. To provide parents with the process for forming classes, the steps and considerations that go into the process are presented below.

Preliminary classes are formed in June. Changes in class make-up are inevitable due to the changes in enrollment that occur during the summer and immediately after school opens. These enrollment changes can be caused by families moving away, new students enrolling, and budget changes which affect staffing. These all affect previously formed classes. As a result, class assignments are subject to change through the first few weeks of school.

A team of staff members is involved in the decision-making concerning each student’s placement for next year. This team includes, the current teachers and the principal who all meet to determine each student’s placement. Other support staff members, who may have knowledge of the student and his/her work, are also included in the process. This is neither a prioritized or all-inclusive list of criteria

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Maturity
  • Siblings (age and grade level)
  • Number of years in a combination class
  • Registration date
  • Classroom behavior
  • Work and study habits
  • Learning style of the student
  • Achievement level in reading
  • Best teaching style for the student
  • If the student previously had the teacher
  • Recommended separation from another child
  • Special needs (such as GATE, Special Education, or English Language Learner)

Because there are many factors to consider concerning student placement, requests for specific teachers are not accepted. You can be confident that every consideration is given to ensure that each student receives the best possible educational placement. Like you, we want what is best for each child and we are dedicated to accomplishing that. I wish you and your child a most successful new school year.


Heather Ramsey
La Madera Elementary School
Saddleback Valley Unified School District


Parking Lot Safety Rules

Parking in the La Madera lot is reserved and marked for STAFF ONLY.

  • The limited number of Visitor spots may be used for student drop-off and pick-up, or volunteering at our school.
  • Drop- off/pick-up at the white curb only (curbside only, for student safety).
  • Pull all the way forward to fill in all available space on the white curb.
  • Keep our line moving! Do not leave your car unattended on the white curb.
The left lane is a pass through lane only. Students may not be dropped off or picked up in this lane.The right lane is a drop-off/pick-up lane only. Please do not park or leave your vehicle in this lane, and please pull forward.