Glen Yermo is excited to have the following after schools clubs due to the extra effort of our staff and parents.

Chess Club

The chess club provides students with the opportunity to play chess whether they are a beginner or expert and are grouped according to their ability. This club is being taught by one of our dedicated parents. Students with little or no experience with the game will learn the basic moves. Advanced students will learn more about the game and refine their skills. All students will participate in tournaments at their skill level.

Creative Artists

Creative Artists meet once a month due to the dedication of several staff members. During the time together the students create art projects using a variety of media. Their art is proudly on the Every Child is an Artist bulletin board.


Robotics is taught after school by yet another devoted teacher. During this time students explore using of Vex Robotics Kits. The students are building robots to run with a remote control. They will then use a software program to create their own code to run the robots independent of controllers. Next year the students will compete in the Vex IQ Robotics competitions.