Policies & Procedures

Parent Handbook

Pick-up, Drop-off & Parking

Dear Glen Yermo Parents,

In order to ensure student safety before and after school, we have established procedures for dropping off and picking up students in the parking lot.


Cars enter the parking lot at Modesto. Please DO NOT stop in the red painted BUS ONLY area immediately when entering the parking lot. This area is to remain available for in-coming buses.

Drive slowly forward through the parking lot and continue around the curve until you reach the student Loading Zone lane and proceed all the way forward before stopping. It is important that each family car pull up as far as they can in this zone so that many children can get into or out of their car at the same time.

Drop-off is easiest when students have their backpacks and other materials ready, so they can exit the vehicle quickly without delaying traffic behind.

Drop-off is safest when students exit the vehicle from the passenger side within the Student Drop-off and Loading Zone. It is unsafe for students to exit their car from the driver’s side or in the Bus Loading or red curb Zones.


Enter as described above in steps 1 and 2.

Pick-up is easiest if your child is waiting for you in the Loading Zone area. If your child is not in the Loading Zone waiting for you, please exit the parking lot, make a U-turn at Los Alisos, and try again.

Again, it is safest if students enter the vehicle on the passenger side.


Drivers that are dropping off/picking up students must pull completely forward to allow the full loading zone to be utilized for parents. Please do not leave your vehicle unattended in the Loading Zone. Parking is available for parents, but is limited to the visitor section of our parking lot. We currently have 16 Visitor spaces. The remainder of the parking lot is for school staff. Street parking is available on Trabuco and on Modesto.


Have a meeting place in the Loading Zone where your child can look for you to pick them up.

Wait 5 minutes (until 2:42/1:17) before you come to pick up your child. You will avoid the worst of traffic conditions. At the end of supervision at 2:52/1:27, any students still waiting for pick up will be escorted to the office.

Have your child cross Trabuco with a crossing guard to meet you in the housing track at a specified meeting spot.

In addition to following Glen Yermo’s parking lot procedures, it is important for the safety of the students that drivers within the parking lot drive slowly, remain calm and respectful, and follow the directions of the Glen Yermo staff at all times.

Thank you for your assistance and care in keeping our students and their families safe.