Two Way Language Immersion


The multi-award winning SVUSD Two Way Language Immersion Program began in 1991 and is designed to provide English speaking and Spanish Speaking students an exciting, enriching, and challenging educational opportunity for 21st century learning. Students will learn to collaborate, communicate and think critically in all academic content areas in both Spanish and English. By the end of twelfth grade, students will have obtained the bilingual skills and multi-cultural competencies needed to succeed in our global society and economy.

Goals and Benefits

  • Develop high levels of proficiency in English and Spanish.
  • Ensure academic excellence in the two languages as outlined in the Common Core State Standards.
  • Cultivate an understanding and appreciation of other cultures and strengthen positive connections among students, their families, and the greater global community.
  • Develop flexibility in thinking through problem solving, conceptualizing, and reasoning in two languages.
  • Empower parents to actively participate in their child’s education.

Program Model

The Two-Way Language Immersion Program is a challenging and rigorous academic program in which Spanish is used as the primary language of instruction in the younger grades.

The optimal classroom population is half native English-speaking students and half native Spanish-speaking students. SVUSD implements a 90/10 immersion model in which kindergarten and first grade students receive 90% of daily instruction in Spanish and 10% in English. The percentage of English instruction increases as seen below.

Gates Elementary School
Grade Spanish English
Kinder & First 90% 10%
Second 80% 20%
Third 70% 30%
FourtT 60% 40%
Fifth & Sixth 50% 50%

Los Alisos Intermediate and Laguna Hills High School

Grade Subjects Taught in Spanish
Seventh & Eighth Spanish Language Arts Science
Ninth TWI Spanish 3
International Relations & Globalization
Tenth AP Spanish 4
World History
Eleventh Spanish Literature
Twelfth AP Spanish Literature

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of my child participating in the program through twelfth grade?

Your child will be bilingual/bi-literate, have taken two AP Spanish courses that can be applied for college credit, have an opportunity to earn an additional diploma from ISA, receive special recognition from SVUSD, and indicate on the UC/CSU college application of their participation in the Two Way Immersion Program.

Can my child start in the Two Way Immersion Program at any time? 

Students in kindergarten and first grade are admitted into the program through a priority system. English speakers may enter into first grade up to the end of the first trimester depending on space availability. Spanish speaking students and bilingual students may be admitted at any grade based on assessment results.

Does having my child in a Two Way Immersion program slow down their academic progress? 

Research in this area demonstrates that learning in two languages enhances academic growth. Children receive the maximum benefit the longer they are enrolled in the program.

Can I still read to my child even though I do not speak Spanish? 

Yes, we encourage you to read to your child in the language you speak at home. The reading skills you use at home will transfer to the second language.

How can parents get involved?

Parent participation is an integral part of the Two-Way Language Immersion Program. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom and work with their children at home. Advocates for Language Learning (A.L.L.) is a non-profit organization of parents who support this SVUSD program. A.L.L. plans and sponsors cultural events, homework help at the elementary level, recognition events, and other services designed to help students succeed and enhance the educational experience for our children.

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