2019-20 Kindergarten Supply List

Supplies for Kindergarten 2019-20

Listed below are suggested supplies for Kindergarten. Sending these supplies is voluntary; however, anything parents can contribute will assist our school budget. Students who choose not to bring these supplies will be provided basic supplies necessary for school. Please send supplies to school with your child in August. Thank you for your assistance and generosity!

The Foothill Ranch Kindergarten Teachers

·      1 package 24 crayons

·      1 set of headphones that will fit your child. Please take out of packaging and place in an individual baggie labeled with your child’s name

·      6 glue sticks

·      1 bottle of Elmer’s brand glue

·      1 package white erasers

·      1 box cube of Kleenex

·      1 package, black only, EXPO brand white board marker

·      1 package, Ticonderoga pencils (sharpened please)

We have chosen these items for their quality and ease of use.

Special Instructions:

Please label coats, sweaters, jackets and backpacks with your child’s name. Please label your child’s snack/lunch box.

Homework Supplies:

Your child will need crayons, pencils, scissors and glue at home to complete homework.

Thank you so much!!!