Our Mission

Mission Statement

Del Lago staff aim to provide the highest quality educational experiences to enable all students to become contributing members of society. Students are empowered with the technical skills to succeed in our evolving world, the ability to think and express themselves clearly, and the values necessary to be responsible citizens. The Del Lago staff is committed to:

  • providing a challenging, standards-based academic program
  • fostering success
  • providing a safe environment where children are free from physical as well as emotional harm
  • developing a sense of family
  • setting high expectations for student behavior including the qualities of Self-Control, Personal Best, Listening Attentively, Acting Safely, Showing Responsibility, and Having Respect

The Del Lago community remains committed to high expectations for all children, including those from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, those with gifted and talented abilities, and those with special needs. We believe that when all stakeholders are working together toward the same vision, the systems are in place for our students to reach their highest potential.