Single Course Enrollment

SVUSD high school students may apply to enroll in one or two courses at the SVUSD Virtual Academy.   Please see our course list for a list of class offerings.

Course List

Students can enroll in a class at the SVUSD Virtual Academy as part of their required classes, to catch up on graduation requirements or to complete prerequisite courses. History, English, Math, Science, Spanish, Art, & Anthropology courses are A-G & NCAA approved.

How to Enroll

To start the enrollment process students must meet with their current school counselor. 

Students who enroll at the SVUSD Virtual Academy should expect:

  • 5+ hours of work per week for each course enrolled.
  • Weekly submission of work required for each course enrolled.
  • Some classes may require an online class meeting once-week.
  • Office hours available for extra support; required for students not meeting course expectations.
  • Learning Lab available for in-person support and student workspace from 9am-1pm (monday - Thursday).

Successful SVA students are able to:

  • Manage their time and complete work with less immediate supervision.
  • Organized and self-motivated.
  • Comfortable using technology.
  • Determined; they do not give up easily when confronted with material that is initially confusing or encounter technical difficulties.
  • Willing to communicate with teacher and classmates on a regular basis.