Intermediate Overview


SVUSD Virtual Academy aligns its curriculum with the scope and sequence of the other SVUSD intermediate schools. Students are provided instruction and coursework online with a significant amount of control over the place, pace, and path of their education.  Curriculum depth and complexity is provided for students so they are prepared for high school. 


Students are required to participate in weekly scheduled class meetings.  Most classes have one scheduled class meeting each week.  Math and science courses may require additional class meetings. Additionally, some students may be required to attend daily in required by the teacher. 

Students may choose to attend the class meetings in-person by enrolling in the Blended Learning option or they may choose to attend class meetings online by enrolling in the Only-Online option.

In addition, teachers at all grade levels will be available on school days for student targeted instruction/intervention, communication, and additional content support. 



All SVUSD Virtual Academy students have access to and are provided with a comprehensive secondary school counseling program. The SVA School Counseling program strives to empower all students in their academic growth, college and career readiness, and social/emotional learning.  Available support services include one-on-one counseling sessions, targeted communications with valuable resources related to academic and social emotional support as well as college and career success, and webinars to support students and their parents through the intermediate school journey.  

For more information, please visit the SVA Counseling Corner

Blending Learning 

The SVUSD Virtual Academy will resume blended learning during the 21-22 School Year.  Blended learning provide students the opportunity to work in person with their teacher and peers one or two days a week at our campus. 

Students will still be able to choose the online-only option and not participate in blended learning.