Intro to Data Science

The SVUSD Virtual Academy will be offering a new math course, Introduction to Data Science (IDS).  Introduction to Data Science is a course developed by UCLA. 

IDS is a “C” approved mathematics course in the University of California A-G requirements.  IDS is considered a statistics course by UC/CSU and therefore "validates" Algebra 2. 

What is IDS? 

Introduction to Data Science is a combination of basic computer science and elementary statistics.  The main goal of the IDS curriculum is to teach students to think critically about and with data. 

The IDS curriculum is very participatory; students function as researchers by making truly unique findings about the world around them. Through collecting their own data, and by examining data from formal sources, students learn to generate hypotheses, fit statistical and mathematical models to data, implement these models algorithmically, evaluate how well these models fit reality, and to think computationally while learning to program with data. 

Who should take IDS? 

The IDS course is open to all SVUSD students. 

Students who have completed Algebra 1 and Geometry.  IDS is an excellent option for any secondary school student who possesses sufficient mathematical maturity and quantitative reasoning ability. IDS is considered a statistics course by UC/CSU and therefore "validates" Algebra 2. 

When/Where is the IDS class? 

IDS will be taught 2-3 afternoons a week during the school year.  (This is subject to change based on COVID-19 health regulations.) Class will be held at the SVUSD Virtual Academy classroom (across the street from the SVUSD District Office). The exact time has not yet been determined.  


To sign-up or get more information please contact your school counselor or guidance technician.