Early College Pathways



Through a partnership with Saddleback College, the SVUSD Virtual Academy is pleased to offer dual enrollment starting in Fall 2020 for students to earn a certificate in either Business or Cybersecurity.  Certificate programs train students in the skills necessary to succeed in a specific occupation or career field. 


Designed to introduce the practices and technical skills that will open doors to Business, Law, Accounting, Real Estate, and other careers that drive the global economies of today and tomorrow. 

Cybersecurity - Computer Information Management 

Provides the opportunity to master the necessary computer information security concepts to implement safe, secure digital systems and also the ability detect and repair various cyberattacks. 

How It Works

Over a two year period, students will complete a series of online courses at Saddleback College while also completing four classes at their SVUSD school.  By the end of their senior year, students will have earned their SVUSD high school diploma, a certificate from Saddleback College, and transferable college credits.  Download the ECP course of study

Sign ECP Interest Form by April 1, 2021 to receive an invite to attend our ECP Webinar for prospective applicants and their parents. 

Interest Form

BEGINS: August, 2021 

ELIGIBLE STUDENTS: High School students attending a SVUSD High School 

FEES: Tuition, fees, and book costs are waived.

Interested in more information? Contact the SVA Counselor Haley Glasgow and/or visit saddleback.edu/ecp.