Elementary Overview


SVUSD Virtual Academy aligns its curriculum with the scope and sequence of the other SVUSD elementary schools which enables students to complete the district's adopted course of study within the customary time frame.  Students are provided instruction and coursework online with a significant amount of control over the place, pace, and path of their education. Additionally, students have the opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities such as art, engineering, and music. 

Realtime Class Meetings

Throughout the week, students have various "Real Time Class" (RTC). The week usually begins with whole class advisory meeting.  The purpose of advisory is build student community, explicitly teacher specific character and social and emotional skills, and prime the students for the week ahead.  Throughout the week, usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays, students meet in their "leveled" reading and math groups for more personalized instruction and skill practice. In addition, RTC science and history meetings will be held. Finally, the week wraps up with an optional fun Friday activity. 

Blending Learning Days (BLD)

The SVUSD Virtual Academy will resume BLD during the 21-22 School Year.  BLDs provide students the opportunity to work in person with their teacher and peers one or two days a week.  Many of the BLDs will provide students with co-curricular learning opportunities such as art, engineering, and gardening.   Students who attend BLD will still complete the majority of their work online and will participate in the online RTC meetings.  

Students will still be able to choice the online-only option and not participate in the BLD. 

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Character Education

As part of the SVUSD Virtual Academy’s mission to support whole student growth and engaged citizens, SEL skills will be explicitly and implicitly taught and practiced through the curriculum and instruction. The primary method in which these skills are taught is Advisory. Weekly, students meet with their advisory teacher and grade level cohort.  In addition to SEL skill development, Advisory provides teachers an opportunity to make sure students have important information and to build community.