The SVUSD Virtual Academy will provide a flexible, engaging, and innovative student-centered learning experience that prepares students to thrive in a globally interconnected, rapidly evolving, and technological environment.

Our Values

We believe that students become productive and engaged citizens when they are challenged cognitively and mentored socio-emotionally while inspired and taught to work critically, creatively and collaboratively as part of a learning community.  The SVUSD Virtual Academy will: 

  • Actively engage all students through participatory learning, meaningful projects, and challenging real world problems; 
  • Teach, support, and model social and emotional intelligence to maximize learning; 
  • Prepared students to work and live in an ever-evolving technological environment that rewards an understanding of technology, adaptation, and social skills; 
  • Encourage students to explore their individual curiosity and meaning making; 
  • Produce critical thinkers who can analyze and evaluate information to communicate evidence based conclusions; 
  • Model and teach continuous adaptation and innovation based on research, best practices, and future oriented thinking;
  • Embrace equity and diversity by fostering a school culture of safety, inclusion, empathy, acceptance, and respect.
  • Provide instruction based on science and research based best practices. 
  • Celebrate the strengths, interests, and passions of each student.