Guidance Staff

This page is intended for use by the SVUSD Intermediate and Elementary School Office Staff.

  • The SVUSD Virtual Academy (SVA) is a K-12 alternative education school.
  • Students are required to attend Blended Learning (BLDs) on Tuesday and Thursday from 9am - 1pm held on the campus of Melinda Heights Elementary School. 
  • Attendance at the SVA is based on work completion every week.  Board policy stipulates that if a student is regularly missing work, they must be transferred back to their residence school.


K-8 Enrollment Request Form

K-8 Enrollment Request Form (You must be signed into Saddleport to open the form).

SVA Handouts for Students and Parents

Enrollment Process

Step 1:

Administrator or Counselor submits the enrollment request form. 

Step 2:

Administrator or counselor discusses the request with Glenn Giokaris (ext 223838).   If the student has an IEP or a 504, the team must meet to recommend the student enroll at SVUSD Virtual Academy. 

Step 3:

If the decision is made that the student should enroll, please have the parent contact the SVUSD Virtual Academy (949-580-3457) to set up an enrollment appointment.  Both parent and student must attend the registration appointment.