Attendance is based on work produced. A student receives full attendance credit as long as he or she completes the “time value” of a minimum day. (Weekly assignments are geared to approximately 20-30 hours per week of concentrated study.) For example, if there were five school days in a particular week, and a student did at least five minimum days worth of work, the supervising teacher could record attendance for five days. Due to strict state laws, there are no excused absences. If you are ill and unable to turn in the assigned work by the due date, a parent or guardian must call your teacher in advance to make alternative arrangements. EC Section 51747.5(b) Attendance is regularly reviewed and parents are notified immediately if a student does not complete his or her assigned work or misses an appointment.

Student-Teacher Meetings

Teachers will establish an appropriate schedule for student-teacher meetings (“Check-in) to provide support and to identify students falling behind in their work. While there may be a gap in the amount of time between student work completed and teachers verifying the work, the weekly meetings provide an opportunity for teachers to engage in frequent formal assessments to ensure that students are making adequate progress. Missing appointments with the supervising teacher without valid reasons may trigger an evaluation to determine whether the student should remain in independent study. (P.B. 6158) If you are ill and unable to make your scheduled appointment a parent or guardian must call your teacher in advance to reschedule the student-teacher meeting.

Consequence for Missed Work or Student-Teacher Meeting

A student’s continued enrollment in the SVUSD Virtual Academy is based upon the student completing his/her work by the due date and attending all weekly scheduled meetings. If a student does not complete his/her assignments or meet regularly with the teacher as expected, the following steps will be taken:

  1. First Missed Assignment or Meeting: The teacher will notify the parent or guardian of the missed assignment and/or meeting.
  2. Second Missed Assignment or Meeting: A conference will be scheduled with the teacher, student, and parent/guardian to review the SVUSD Virtual Academy expectations and student/parent responsibilities.
  3. Third Missed Assignment or Meeting: An evaluation shall be conducted to determine whether it is in a student's best interest to remain enrolled in the Virtual Academy. The results of the evaluation may result in either a meeting with an administrator and parent/guardian, and placement on a performance contract or termination of the agreement and return to a regular classroom program of instruction or other appropriate alternative.

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