Guidance Staff

This page is intended for use by the SVUSD High School Guidance.  

  • The SVUSD Virtual Academy (SVA) is a K-12 alternative education school.  
  • High School students can enroll fulltime, 1 - 2 classes, or to complete classes in which they have partial credits.
  • The content will be primarily delivered through the Edgenuity course platform.  Some classes will still be taught with the textbook. 
  • The SVA-HS will have one teacher responsible for English, social science, and elective courses, and one teacher responsible for math, science, PE, and Spanish.
  • Students are required to meet with their teacher, in person, for a minimum of one hour/week per course enrolled. 
  • Attendance at the SVA is based on work completion every week.  Board policy stipulates that if a student is regularly missing work, they must be transferred back to their residence high school.

Download the SVA-HS Transfer Reference Sheet: HERE

High School Enrollment Request

SVA Handouts For Students and Parents

Full-Time Transfer Directions to the SVA (for Students)

Please refer students who have been cleared to transfer to the SVA to the Enrollment and Registration page on the SVUSD website under the About tab or by the link:

Remind students to follow the directions for CURRENT SVUSD STUDENTS. 

Secondary Enrollment Directions to the SVA (for Students)

When a student has been confirmed for secondary enrollment at the SVA, please provide the student and parent with the instructions below. All registration instructions can be found on the SVA website on the enrollment and registration page under the About tab or by using the link:

Step 1:

Contact the SVUSD Virtual Academy (949-580-3457) to set up an enrollment appointment.  Both parent and student must attend the registration appointment. 

Step 2:

Review the SVUSD Virtual Academy Secondary Enrollment Agreement.  After reviewing the agreement, please complete the information in the shaded boxes and sign the form.  Please bring your completed and signed form to your registration appointment. 

Step 3: 

Attend your registration and enrollment appointment.  Both student and parent must attend the meeting. Appointments are held in the SVA-HS classroom (room 29 on the Silverado High School campus). 


Transfer/Secondary Enrollment Directions to the SVA (for Guidance Staff)

Student have the option of enrolling full-time, for 1 or 2 classes, or to complete partial credits.  Students can only enroll for one or two classes prior to the 20th day of the semester. Students can transfer to the SVUSD Virtual Academy at any time during the semester. 

Step 1:

Complete the SVA Enrollment Request

Step 2:

Discuss student with Glenn Giokaris

  • If the student has a 504 or IEP, an IEP must be held prior to the transfer. 
  • If you suspect the student has a disability, an assessment must be completed prior to withdrawing from the residence school. 

Step 3:

For students transferring the the SVA full-time, student must withdraw from their current school.  Please provide students with exit grades and partial credits.

(Steps 2 and 3 skipped for students who are enrolling in the SVA as their secondary school.) 

Step 4:

Provide student with SVA Enrollment Instructions.  

Secondary Enrollment Process to the Comprehensive School (for Guidance Staff)

Student may request to take one or two classes at their residence school while primarily enrolled at the SVA. 

Step 1: 

Student makes a request to secondarily enroll to Glenn Giokaris (or their guidance specialist if they are still currently primarily enrolled at their comprehensive high school. 

Step 2: 

Glenn Giokaris will discuss with the request with the student’s comprehensive school. 

Step 3:

Comprehensive school submits a Help Desk ticket requesting that the student be secondarily enrolled at the comprehensive school.  (Student must be primarily enrolled at the SVA before the student can be secondarily enrolled.)

Step 4: 

Student meets with their comprehensive school guidance technician to receive their schedule.