Independent Study Physical Education

Independent Study Physical Education (ISPE) is an option for students in grades 9-12 who compete in a sport to an exceptional degree of competition.  The student must be a nationally ranked athlete or equivalent, and performing or competing at a nationally recognized level.  For information about the qualifications and application, please contact your school's Guidance and Curriculum Department.  Applications must be submitted to your high school guidance office.  All applications will be reviewed by a district committee to determine eligibility for ISPE. If approved, students must enroll with the SVUSD Virtual Academy for ISPE. Throughout the duration of ISPE students will be required to complete assignments and weekly fitness logs.

Please contact Mrs. Debby Russell for ISPE enrollment information. 

ISPE Documents

ISPE Enrollment Agreement

 Please read and sign the ISPE Enrollment Agreement

Coaches Contact and Activity Verification

Please provide the student-athlete's Coaches Contact Information and submit the student's practice and competition schedule for the current semester. 

Performance Evaluation

At each grading period (quarter and semester), students will be required to have their coach complete a Performance Evaluation Form to provide an evaluation of student progress and verify student activity during the grading period.