Attendance and Progress Requirements


Daily student attendance in class is mandatory.  Students may accrue no more than six (6) attendance points.  Once a student accrues seven (7) attendance points they will be dropped from summer school. 

  • TARDY (L) (1-30 minutes late): 1 point
  • TARDY TRUANT (Y) (missing 30-60 minutes of class): 2 points
  • ABSENT (no mark indicated)* (missing more than 60 minutes of class or all-day absence): 3 points

It is important that students attend in order for them to receive needed instructional support, progress accountability, and to take their exams.  All tests must be taken in class. 


In addition to the required class time, it is expected that students will spend 1-2 hours daily outside of class working on the online content to complete their course. Students who fall more than 20% behind the content pacing calendar may be dropped from the course with no credit earned.