Courses Offerings

The SVUSD Virtual Academy offers four years of the core curriculum requirements to graduate from high school and meet the university entrance requirements.  Below is the current list of courses offered.  

  • The letters "A-G" in superscript next to each course corresponds with the University of California (UC) subject area requirement. 
  • Courses marked with a L require an additional lab component. 
  • Courses marked with an S are semester classes only. 

Social Science

  • Civics / Amer Govt (A) S
  • Economics (G) S
  • US History (A)
  • World History (A)


  • English 1 (B)
  • English 2 (B)
  • English 3 (B)
  • English 4 (B)


  • Algebra 1 (C)
  • Algebra 2 (C)
  • Geometry (C)


  • Biology of the Living Earth (D) L
  • Chemistry in the Earth System(D) L
  • Physics(D) L
  • Integrated Science*


  • Career Planning and Development (S)
  • Environmental Science (G)
  • Earth Science*
  • Introduction to Business (G)
  • Introduction to Communications and Speech (S) (G)
  • Online Learning and Digital Citizenship (S)
  • Personal Finance (S)
  • Psychology (G)
  • Sociology (G) (S)
  • Spanish 1 (E) L
  • Spanish 2 (E) L
  • Visual Arts (F)
  • World Regional Geography (G) (S)

Click here for the descriptions of Elective Courses.

PE / Health

  • Health (G) (S)
  • Physical Education*