Principal's Message

The world of work and citizenship require that our students learn more in school than literacy and numeracy. Students become productive and engaged citizens when they are challenged cognitively and mentored social-emotionally while inspired and taught to work critically, creatively, and collaboratively as part of a learning community.

Technology is reshaping modern life; rapid technology growth is changing the nature of work, blurring the boundaries between counties and their citizens, stimulating economic and cultural growth, while also creating profound social, economic, environmental, and existential challenges. These challenges and opportunities motivate and inspire us.

At the SVUSD Virtual Academy, we believe that the potentialities, challenges and uncertainties of the future must be meet with a conviction to:

  • create meaningful learning experiences that are flexible and highly personalized;
  • strengthen the social-emotional characteristics that humans require to thrive; and
  • engage and inspire students to explore their passion and purpose, to establish an innovator’s mindset, and to build critical thinking and communication skills necessary for career and citizenship.

Undoubtedly, these are audacious goals. And like any audacious goal, they cannot be achieved by a single individual such as a teacher or principal. These goals can only be achieved through the commitment of the entire educational community including students, parents, teachers, school and district administrators, business, and community based organizations.

I am excited that you are part of this team and grateful to be able to work together to create a meaningful learning experience for our students. A learning experience that will no doubt continuously change as we remain open to learning and committed to providing the best possible educational opportunities to prepare and empower our students to be productive members of society.


Glenn Giokaris
Principal - SVUSD Virtual Academy