General Information

The SVUSD Virtual Academy provides students, K - 8th grade, with a flexible, engaging, and innovative student-centered learning experience. The content is organized online to allow students to learn anytime, at their own pace, and receive virtual and face-to-face instructional support from a highly qualified SVUSD teacher. Students are also provided opportunities to work with their teacher and peers in a face-to-face environment to maximize student learning, engagement and strengthen their academic and social-emotional intelligences.


Blended Learning
On Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 9:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M., the SVUSD Virtual Academy offers optional face-to-face learning in a classroom environment.
  • Tuesday is a structured blended learning day in which students work on assignments with the teacher and their peers.
  • Thursday is an open classroom in which students have the opportunity to work in the classroom and receive support from the teacher, work with their peers, or individually work on assignments.


Attendance is based on work produced. A student receives full attendance credit as long as he or she completes the “time-value” of a minimum day. (Weekly assignments are geared to approximately 20-30 hours per week of concentrated study.) For example, if there were five school days in a particular week, and a student did at least five days worth of work, the supervising teacher could record attendance for five days.

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