Regional Occupational Program (ROP)

The Coastline Regional Occupational Program prepares students to become gainfully employed in many different career areas. ROP classes can help you get the experience you need to obtain your first job, update your existing skills, and prepare you to qualify for a better job. Many courses include hands-on internships in business and industry. ROP can also be helpful in exploring college majors and career possibilities.

Information for ROP Registration

Why take an ROP class?
  • Explore a career that you are interested in
  • Gain valuable workplace skills
  • Do an internship that will provide work experience for your resume
  • Earn elective credit toward graduation requirements
  • Possibly gain employment through an internship experience.


Important Facts
  • Priority is given to high school seniors, juniors, and then sophomores, but adults are eligible to take some ROP career courses too.
  • Grades and credits are given and applied toward high school graduation upon successful completion of an ROP course. Some courses articulate with Community College classes and you may earn college credit and advanced placement.
  • Most ROP classes are one semester in length and meet from one to five days a week and from one to four hours per day.
  • ROP courses are taught at businesses and high schools throughout the Orange County area.
  • There is no tuition for high school students.


You can earn credits for your part-time food service jobs!
  • Sign up for the Co-op (cooperative) class!
  • Earn 10 credits for the semester
  • Receive credit for work hours each week
  • Students must work a minimum of 9.5 hours per week.
  • Students must be employed in a job appropriate to the co-op career path.
  • Co-op classes include Retail & Service Careers Co-op (Silverado) Careers with Children Co-op (El Toro) and Food Service Co-op (El Toro)
  • Co-op classes are semester-long, so you must enroll at the beginning of the semester