Please e-mail all attendance notes to:

Important Attendance Note:
Please call before 9:00 AM on each day your child is going to be absent or late.

The attendance line number is
(949) 586-8800 ext 1 (24 hours).

Attendance voice mail is read every morning several times.

All absences must be cleared through the Attendance Office.

Every absence verification, whether written or oral, should include all of the following:

  • The student must submit a note within three (3) school days of returning back to school.
  • The note must be handwritten (not typed) in ink (not pencil), by the parent/guardian.
  • The note must be signed by the parent/guardian.
  • The note must include the student’s name, date of absence, and reason for the absence.
  • If student is seeing a medical professional, please include a note from the medical professional explaining the reason for absence.

Attendance Matters