Policies & Procedures

Parent Handbook


Dress Code

Dress which is “disruptive” to the educational process is not permitted. Footwear is required. Students should be neat and clean per Education Code 35183, and follow these guidelines.

The following are NOT permitted:
  • Clothing with alcohol, tobacco, weapons or drug promotions, slang, sexual reference, vulgar, sexist, racist sayings, gang insignia, or offensive
  • Clothing that could be construed as gang related (per Sheriff’s Dept.). No long coats, pajamas or bedroom slippers
  • Accessories that could be used as a weapon, such as spiked wrist or ankle bands, large spiked rings, lengthy chains, or long-hanging belts
  • Strapless, revealing garments, showing of midriff or stomach, tube tops, bandeau tops, swimsuits and sheer/see through tops -- It is not permissible to have any undergarment visible.
  • Shorts and skirts that are extremely short are inappropriate; men’s tank shirts or sleeveless undershirts
  • Being on campus without shoes or shirt
  • No head gear worn in classes or library, office. (e.g. hats, bandanas, nets, caps, hoods).
  • Leggings must be worn with long shirts or other garments that cover to the thigh area
Consequences for violation of dress code may include:
  • Warning
  • Removal
  • Possible parent contact
  • Detention
  • Alternative attire offered
Continued violations may have consequences which include:
  • Suspension
  • Parent picks up items from Assistant Principal.

Work Permits

Additional Work Permit information can be found here

A work permit is a legal document required by the state of California that allows a person less than 18 years of age to hold a job. If you are employed and you are under the age of 18, you must apply for a work permit. Work permits are issued at the discretion of the school administration; if attendance or grades are poor, the work permit may not be issued, or, if the student already has a work permit, it may be revoked. Passing grades and regular attendance are a prerequisite for obtaining a work permit.

There are four steps in obtaining a work permit:

  1. Obtain a Request for Work Permit application from Mr. DeLeon, Ms. Phillips in the Silverado Media Center or through the California State Department of Education website.
  2. Fill out the personal information at the top of the application, get your prospective employer to fill out the information required in the middle portion, and have a parent or guardian sign the bottom portion of the application.
  3. Return the completed work permit application to Mrs. Phillips in the Silverado Media Center where the work permit will be processed. Please allow 48 hours to process the Work Permit.
  4. Bring the typed work permit back to your employer.

California state laws govern length and range of hours that minors may work and also the kinds of jobs that are restricted for minors. Please check the California Child Labor Laws for specific information or contact Mrs. Ellen Phillips at Silverado High School (949-586-8800 ext. 4) or e-mail phillipse@svusd.org.