Summer Work Experience Training (SWET)

SWET is a four-week summer training and work experience for TPP students. During SWET students participated in the one-week training portion and were put out for three weeks of paid work experience (44-48 hours). The first week of SWET focuses pm employment readiness skills. Students have the opportunity to earn their CPR and First Aid Certification and Food Handlers Certificate, allowing them to work in the food industry. The Drop-In class is an individualized setting where students can complete a Master Application, resume, or work on pre-employment skills. Several computer-based programs are used to support students, such as Career Cruising, Career Cafe, Monster Jobs and Craig's List. Local businesses partners talk to the students about the qualities they look for when hiring for entry level positions. Students then participate in a job fair with the business partners. Several students usually receive tentative job offers from the employers. Additionally, students and staff go on a field trip to one of the local community colleges.