View the Annual Notification to Parents

Thank you for accessing the 2017-2018 Annual Notification document online.

The Annual Notification document is designed to notify parents/guardians and students of their rights and responsibilities per California Education Code section 48980. A form requesting that you access this document electronically is provided to all parents/guardians and students in the summer, prior to the start of school.

The Annual Notification includes information on the following:

  • I.Non-Discrimination Policies
  • II.Attendance
  • III.School Options/Residency/Choice/Transfers
  • IV.Accredited Schools/Alternative Schools
  • V.Discipline Guidelines
  • VI.Personal Beliefs and Curriculum
  • VII.Pupil Support Services/Safety Issues
  • VIII.Instruction/Pupil Progress
  • IX.Pupil Records
  • X.Health Services
  • XI.Internet/Computer Policies
  • XII.Complaints
  • XIII.Further Information