Saddleback Valley Unified School District

Saddleback Mountains overlooking RSM Lake

Know who to contact

If you are calling from outside the District, please use:

  • (949) 460- plus the last four numbers on the extensions listed below for Child Care Services and Community Services
  • (949) 580- plus the last four numbers on the extensions listed below ending with 3200-3499
  • (949) 598- plus the last four numbers on the extensions listed below ending with 3700-3899 

If dialing within the District, use the six digit extension.

General Questions: (949) 586-1234

District Office Phone Directory

Superintendent's Office

FAX: 951-0994

Name & Title Extension
Crystal Turner, Ed.D., Superintendent 233200
Theresa Henle, Executive Secretary, Board of Education & Superintendent 233200
Mark Perez, Director, Communications 233204
Lynda Flynn, Secretary, Confidential 233204

Child Care Services

21400 Lindsay Drive, Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679; Phone: (949) 768-0981; Fax: (949) 589-1684

Name & Title Extension
Reyna Morris, Child Care Division Manager 222721
Taya Espinosa, Office Manager 222717
David Blake, Child Care Supervisor 222716
Kelly Vagi, Child Care Supervisor 222706
Eric LaClair, Child Care Coordinator 222709
Dalton Tringali, Child Care Coordinator 222728
Tracee McRane, Clerk III 222760
Jessica Dayog, Clerk III 222737
Anne Helmstetter, Clerk III 222761
Nydia Saenz, Clerk III 222736

Community Services

PHONE: 768-0981 ext 1; FAX: 454-0790

Name & Title Extension
Kurt Walker, District Supervisor II- (Community Services/Athletics/Facility) 222729
Deborah Carlino, Community Services Assistant Coordinator 222724
Karen Shinozaki-Dole, Secretary 222704
Ryan Edison, Community Services Assistant Coordinator 222726
, Clerk III 222705
Elizabeth Figarsky, Community Services Supervisor 222725
Tasha Johansen, Community Services Supervisor 222730
Ariela Corral, Community Services Coordinator 222722
Brett Brady, Community Services Coordinator 222723
Stephanie Goodwin, Community Services Assistant Coordinator 222713
Davin Duncan, Community Services Program Specialist 222732
Kenny Nash, Community Services Program Specialist 222714

Educational Services

FAX: 586-9643

Name & Title Extension
Liza Zielasko, Assistant Superintendent 233241
Donna Perez, Administrative Secretary 233241
Ron Pirayoff, Ed.D., Director III (Secondary) 233306
Benita Fitch, Secretary, Director 233306
Yvonne Estling, Director III (Elementary) 233238

Alison Couch, District Coordinator, TK-6 Humanities/Literacy

Trish Shepherd, Secretary, Director 233238
Michael Gomez, Ed.D., District Coordinator,
Assessment and Induction Administrator
Lisa Schleger, Secretary 233321
Lisa Paisley, Ed.D., District Coordinator, TK-6 STEM 233332
Marie Ferguson, Secretary 233348
Lisa Turlo, District Coordinator, 7-12 Humanities/Literacy 233308
Gina Castillo, Secretary 233371
Robert Sherlock, District Coordinator,
7-12 STEM
Shawna Knickerbocker, Secretary 233425
Samira Yaganeh, College/Career Readiness 233222
Kimberly Thomason, District Coordinator,
College/Career Readiness
Lisa Carrillo, Secretary 233268
Kevin Fairchild, District Coordinator, Educational Technology 233493
Jen Anderson, Ed Tech TOSA 233366
Kathleen Shafer, Ed Tech TOSA 233227
Elizabeth Armstrong, Ed Tech TOSA 233298
Kayla Hansen, Clerk III,
District Receptionist

Facilities, Operations, & Technology

FAX:  586-7148 

Name & Title Extension
Robert Craven, Assistant Superintendent 233226
Alex Armstrong, Administrative Secretary 233226

Fiscal Services

FAX: 586-7148

Name & Title Extension
Connie Cavanaugh, Assistant Superintendent 233226
Alex Armstrong, Administrative Secretary 233226
Susan Cortum, Director, Fiscal Services 233285
Shannon Norris, Fiscal Services Coordinator 233260
Katheryn Ray, Fiscal Analyst 233273
Noreen De Morgandie, Fiscal Analyst 233475
Mason Motoyoshi, Accounting Technician II 233265
Jeanne Serich, Accounting Technician II 233343
Gina Barraza, Account Clerk I 233277
Tiffani Volpe, Fiscal Service Manager 233333
, Fiscal Analyst 233334
Josie Snijdewind, Accounting Technician II 233271
Larmecha Huff, Accounting Technician I 233256
Julie Mansfield, Accounting Technician I 233354
Ellen Righi, Accounting Technician I 233346
Karen Terui, Accounting Technician I 233272
Suzy Volpe, Purchasing Supervisor 233307
Tim Finley, Senior Buyer 233255
Lynne Watanabe, Buyer (MOC) 233326

First Student Transportation

First Student Transportation 580-3299

Name & Title Extension
Melvin Florence, Location Manager 233470
Chris Loomer, Shop Manager 233261
Joaquin Arias, Safety Supervisor 233469
Georgene Nagem, Dispatch 233465
Karen Gable, Dispatch 233467
Dave Muhleka, Billing 233471
After hours: Dispatch/Emergencies
TBD, SVUSD Transportation Tech 233335

Food Services

25566 Peter A Hartman Way, Mission Viejo CA 92691; PHONE: 830-4030; FAX: 830-0589

Name & Title Extension
Riki Pollard, Director, Food Service 233234
, Food Service Supervisor 233234
Brandon Jones, Food Service Supervisor 233234
Linda Robinson, Secretary, Director 233234
Barbara Consiglio, Clerk III 233334

Health Services

Los Alisos Intermediate School - Room P-8; PHONE: 588-7651; FAX: 206-1219

Name & Title Extension
Tim Tatum, District Coordinator 225250
Rebecca Regalado, School Nurse (District) 222703
Ginger Skinner, School Nurse (District) 225251
Lisa Sheffer, School Nurse Assistant 225255
Amy Chaplin, School Nurse Assistant 225254
Vicky Knox, Secretary 225253

Human Resources / Benefits

Human Resources FAX: 586-4378 Aesop 800-942-3767

Benefits Insurance/Worker's Comp FAX: 454-0384 Absence Management: 800-942-3767

Name & Title Extension
Connie Cavanaugh,  Assistant Superintendent 233226
Nancy Tanizaki, Administrative Secretary 233217
Yousef Nasouf, Ed.D., Director, Certificated 233217
Rena Thompson, Ed.D., Director, Classified 233244
Donna Wigdor, Confidential Secretary 233244
Anastasia Ryan, HR Tech II (Certificated) 233426
Sergio Silva, HR Tech II (Certificated) 233225
Jody Gerard, HR Tech II (Certificated) 233235
Erica Gomba, HR Tech I (Classified) 233358
Brandi Wiley, HR Tech I (Classified) 233239
Sue Dotson, HR Tech I (Classified) 233360
Monique Gomes, HR Substitute Caller 233430
Kris Aiken, Benefits Tech 233424
Missy Van Dyke, Benefits Tech Assistant 233424
Doreen Barron, Clerk III 233424

Maintenance, Operations & Construction (MOC)

FAX: 949-454-1384

Name & Title Extension
Stella Escario-Doiron, Chief of Facilities, Planning & Construction 233350
, Planner, Facilities Planning & Construction 233229
Sandra Spencer, Secretary, Director 233374
Pete Souder, Manager, MOC (Maintenance Office) 223878
Maria Ortenburger, Office Manager, MOC 233253
Ricky Garcia, Grounds/Custodial Supervisor 223886
Douglas Monfils, Construction Manager 233494
Mary Dunivin, Clerk III 233408
Mireya Sanchez, Clerk III 233251
Dan Costache, Telecom Specialist 233498

Mental Health

Los Alisos Intermediate School - Room P-6; FAX: 586-1280

Heather Balog, District Coordinator 223852
Jewel Thames, Secretary 223826
Dawn Celestino, Mental Health Counselor 233338
Jace Draper, Mental Health Counselor 223824
Anh Quach, Mental Health Counselor 223889
Yuriko Lopez, Mental Health Counselor 223884
Jenny Sakounphong, Mental Health Counselor 223825
Nikole Florin-Smith, Counselor 222719
Mari Scott, Counselor 222718


FAX: (949) 580-3385

Name & Title Extension
Debbie Awalt, Payroll Manager 233211
Kathy Hixson, Lead Payroll Tech (A-C) 233369
Rachel Heiner, Payroll Tech (D-Ke) 233233
Eloisa Garcia, Payroll Tech (Kf-Q) 233216
Teri Paugh, Payroll Tech (R-Z) 233214
Cindy Resendez, Clerk III, (Voluntary-Deduction) 233367
Marlene Perez, Clerk III 233359
Verification of Employment FAX:  949-598-3877

Printing FAC/DOC CTR

FAX: 454-1421

Name & Title Extension
Tom Cronin, Print Press Tech 233353
Gilbert Resendez, Reprograph Tech 233301


FAX: 580-3414

Name & Title Extension
Rae Lynn Nelson, Director I, SELPA 233394
Mary Richino, Secretary Director 233411
Stephanie Strietbeck, Program Specialist I 233395

Services For English Learners

FAX: 580-3440

Name & Title Extension
Rowena Mak, Ed.D., Coordinator, Services for English Learners 233347
Gema Segovia, Secretary/Translator 233347
Marie Bauch, Clerk III 233448
Mary Benton, ELD Resource Teacher 233330
Beth Borkowski, ELD SDAIE Language & Literacy Coach 233446
, ELD SDAIE Language & Literacy Coach 233243
Karin Fortt, ELD Resource Teacher 233310
Marisela Gonzalez, Translator/Interpreter 233279
Marcela Ibanez, Grant Fund Site Coordinator 233362

Special Education

FAX: 454-1711

Name & Title Extension
Diane Clark, Ed.D., Director III, Special Education 233218
Lori Puchalski, Secretary, Director 233206
, Program Specialist III 233219
DeLayne De Morgandie, Secretary 233455
Deborah Miller, Program Specialist III 233319
Glenna Thacker, Secretary 233456
Mary Anderson, Program Specialist III 223445
Trish Kelly, Program Specialist III 233314
Denise Hunt, Assistive Technology 233453
Maggie Sedano, Medi-Cal/State Reporting Specialist 233497

Student Services

FAX: 586-1280

Name & Title Extension
Francis Dizon, Ph.D., Director I, Student Services 233212
Tahni Blume, Secretary, Director 233212
Marguerite Long, District Coordinator 233221
Tim Tatum, District Coordinator 233329
Michelle O'Neill, District Coordinator, Counseling 233733
Danielle DeLeon, Secretary 233492

Technology Services

HELP DESK: 855-4357

Name & Title Extension
Ozzy Cortez, Chief Technology Officer 233309
Lisa Healy, Technology Services Support Specialist 223714
Johnny Ng, Help Desk Technician 233276
James Sharp, Information Services System Manager 223713
Michael Robbins, Information Services System Manager 233447
Dominic Padilla, Telecommunications Network Specialist 233479
Allyson Shimasaki, Information Services Tech III 233381
Lori Anderson, Information Services Tech III 233290
Geoff Walchli, Information Systems Analyst 233473
Kevin Ubay-Ubay, Software Developer Supervisor 233365
Thomas Le, Software Developer 233452
Chris Miwa, Software Developer 233382
Sammi Lee, Information Systems Analyst 233230
Tiffany Collins, Web Content Developer 233257
Bill Nakoski, Information Services Network Manager 233210
Adrian Ethridge, Computer Analyst II 233443
Brady Kapanka, Computer Analyst II 233437
Ricardo Medrano, Computer Analyst I 233454
Randy Vu, Computer Analyst I 223746
Joshua Johannsen, Tech Assistant 223734
Robert Jarman, Tech Assistant 223735
Valerie Petty, Library/Media Tech 233296
Caroline Berle, Computer Services Tech 223872
Michele Loranger, Clerk II 223875



Name & Title Extension
Raymond Hogai, Warehouse Supervisor 233315
Isaias Dominguez-Juarez, Warehouse Delivery Worker II 233287
Alexander Carreon, Warehouse Delivery Worker II 233287
Gary Zimmerman, Warehouse Delivery Worker I 233274

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