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School Reopening

SVUSD is excited to announce that beginning April 19, 2021, we will be expanding our on-campus instructional time for the remainder of 2020-2021, which will look different for each level:

Elementary Schools (TK-6)
Elementary students currently enrolled in the Hybrid model will be returning to school full-time for on campus instruction.  Elementary full distance learning will remain the same as it is currently.  

Secondary Schools (7-12)
Secondary students currently enrolled in the Hybrid model will be able to return to campus 4 days a week, following the currently established bell schedule.  Full distance learning is still available with our concurrent model and will remain the same.  If you are interested in changing models, please contact your school site directly.  Changes will only be made if space permits. 

Special Education Programs
Elementary SAI Basic programming will pivot from student’s Hybrid learning plan schedule to traditional delivery of services in alignment with student’s last consented to IEP.   (Please note that PE and Music are currently not being provided for any Elementary student).  Secondary Basic students who are not currently attending live instruction 4 days a week, have the opportunity to do so for all Special Education and General Education Courses.  With the return to live instruction for all students, the optional Learning Center support will no longer be provided during periods of live instruction.

Specialized Programs across all levels will have no program changes to their current 5 day a week full day model.  Those parents who elected for Distance Programming under SB98 will have no changes to their current implementation of Emergency Conditions for the remainder of this school year, after which time programming will resume in-person.




SVUSD began the 2020-2021 school year in Full Distance Learning due to government and health care regulations and directives. On September 29th, all SVUSD schools have transitioned to a Hybrid model of instruction while still offering Full Distance Learning for families preferring this option.  Effective April 19th, school sites have expanded on-campus time for students, with details available on Update #27, accessible below. The District continuously monitors the most updated guidelines and recommendations from county, state, and federal education and health care agencies regarding in-person instruction and updates our community as new information becomes available. Please access the below links for Full Distance Learning and COVID-19 related support, as well as for additional information related to SVUSD in-person instruction.

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