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Substitute Information

Substitute Instructional Assistant Information

It is almost impossible to predict the amount of service that a substitute can expect. Frequency of employment depends on the absence rate of the regular staff or the need for extra help at school sites and the number of substitutes available for assignments.

After you are provided with a PIN number from Human Resources, you will need to call and register with Absence Management before you can accept job offers. To find substitute assignments you can access Absence Management (online or on the telephone) 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Substitute employment will not guarantee you a permanent position in the future, but working at various sites is helpful in allowing your skills to be observed.

Complete A Time Card For Each Assignment:
Be certain you give a completed time card to the Secretary or Office Manager at each site after completion of each assignment. Each site has their own budget account. Be certain you put the correct job title on the time card. This should be your job title, not the title of the person you are replacing. You may only use the job title(s) authorized upon hire by the Human Resources Office and the School Board because the Salary Schedule is job specific.

Keep The District Informed:
Monique Gomes, the District Substitute Caller, is in the Human Resources from 6:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and can be reached at (949) 580-3430. She is available to answer any questions regarding the Absence Management system and accepting substitute positions.

Erica Gomba, your Personnel Technician, is in the Human Resources Office from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and can be reached at (949) 580-3358. She is available to answer any questions regarding your substitute status with the District.

Notify the Human Resources Office in writing if you change your address and/or telephone number.

Send a letter of resignation if you are no longer interested in working for the District.

We look forward to working with you throughout the year.

Substitute Teacher Information

Application for Employment as a Substitute Teacher

SVUSD will post for substitute teachers on an as needed basis. See Job Info and Apps and it will direct you to the SVUSD postings on EDJOIN. When substitute applications are being accepted you will be able to access the application from the posting. Please check weekly to find the most current job opportunities.

Rate of Pay Information
Substitute teachers are paid $105.00 per day for a full day assignment and $52.50 per day for a half-day assignment. A full day assignment is more than four hours and a half day assignment is four hours or less.

Long-term substitute pay is $125.00 per day starting on the 11th consecutive day of an assignment in the same classroom. The rate is not retroactive to the first day.

Retired SVUSD teachers will be paid $125.00 per day (effective October 18, 2019), each day they substitute.  Retired SVUSD teachers in long-term substitute assignments will be paid $145.00 per day (effective October 18, 2019), starting on the 11th consecutive day of an assignment in the same classroom .  The rate is not retroactive to the first day.

Substitutes that work over 50 days (full days only - half days will not be counted) in the school year will earn a loyalty incentive rate of $115/day starting on their 51st day. Human Resources will calculate all of the days worked during the current school year to determine when the 51st begins for each substitute teacher. This loyalty incentive rate will continue into the following year and each year thereafter when the substitute teacher works over 50 days.

Adult Education Substitutes and Teachers, please call Adult Education for information at (949) 837-8830.


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