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School Volunteer Screening

The District recognizes that volunteers provide a variety of services to our schools.  In order to obtain volunteer assistance, volunteers must be screened as follows:

  1. Volunteers who have limited contact with students must be cleared by the Department of Justice through the Raptor system to demonstrate that the volunteer is not a registered sex offender. Volunteers who have limited contact are encouraged to have a tuberculosis test but TB testing is not mandatory (USE FORM I.)
  2. Volunteers with more than limited contact with students (volunteer coaches, mentors, and paraprofessional counselors, etc.) are required to be fingerprinted and receive a criminal records clearance, and are required to be tested for tuberculosis. (USE FORM II.)
  3. Community members who make a brief presentation to students at the school (presentation for career day, school assembly, or one-time presentation in classroom), or who serve in an activity in which there will be no contact with students (bingo night) are exempt from the above screening.

As provided in Education Code 45125.1(c), limited contact will be determined by the District-based upon the totality of circumstances, including factors such as the length of time the volunteers will be on the school grounds, whether students will be in proximity within the site where the volunteers will be working, and whether the volunteers will be working by themselves or with others.

In order to facilitate the screening process, Information Services has created a Volunteer Application screen in Assignment Tracking to register volunteer I’s.  In addition, Health Services has agreed to provide TB clinics throughout the year to assist with TB screening.

Attached are the procedures for screening volunteers.  The Board Policy (BP1240) may be accessed online.   If you have any questions, please contact, Classified HR at (949) 580-3358 for volunteers who are not going to coach or Sara Muniz at (949) 580-3225 for volunteers who are going to coach.

Volunteer Cover Letter

Volunteer Application Step-by-Step Procedures

Volunteer I Pamphlet

Volunteer I Procedures (Screening All Classroom Volunteers and Non-Classroom Volunteers with Limited Contact with Students)

Volunteer I Form

Volunteer I Form - Spanish

Volunteer II Procedures (Screening All Classroom Volunteers and Non-Classroom Volunteers with MORE than Limited Contact with Students)

Volunteer II Form