When am I eligible for Medicare?

The initial enrollment period begins 3 months before your birthday month, and extends for 3 months afterward. Most individuals are automatically enrolled in Part A (Hospital Coverage), however, Part B (Medical Insurance) requires a monthly premium and enrollment. If you are still actively employed at the time of your 65th birthday and enrolled in SVUSD's active group health plan, you may be eligible to defer enrollment in Part B without incurring a penalty. However, the District strongly encourages employees to meet with Medicare to confirm any required documentation and verify their ability to defer enrollment.

Once you retire and are 65+, you are no longer eligible to defer Medicare enrollment (even if covered under COBRA). The District strongly encourages employees who plan to retire to meet with Medicare prior to retirement to ensure they do not experience a gap in coverage or incur any penalties.

Do I have to enroll in Medicare?

SVUSD does not track Medicare enrollment status, and therefore does not require employees/retirees to enroll. However, employees/retirees are still subject to state/federal requirements to enroll in Medicare. If an employee or spouse is enrolled in both Medicare and SVUSD's group health plan, Medicare will be considered primary coverage and SVUSD will be considered secondary coverage.

What is Creditable Coverage?

Creditable Coverage refers to coverage that is as good as or better than Medicare. SVUSD's group health plan is considered "creditable" for anyone enrolled in an active employee plan. However, SVUSD's retiree group health plan is not considered "creditable." This means that while actively employed, your 65+ spouse may be able to defer Medicare enrollment. Once you retire, even if you qualify for retiree benefits, your 65+ spouse will be required to enroll in Medicare.

You may be required to provide Medicare with documentation of creditable coverage for the time during which you were 65 and older but not enrolled. The "Medicare Part D" document in the tab below can be provided as verification of this. Medicare may also request a Part B form be completed by the District. Part B forms may be dropped off at the Benefits Department for completion.

Resources and Links

State Health Insurance Assistance Programs offers free Medicare counseling services: 800-633-4227

Medicare Rights Center help line: 800-333-4114

Center for Medicare Advocacy