Frequently Asked Questions

When can I enroll in Benefits?

Employees have 31 days from date of hire, date of increase in hours/bargaining unit change, or loss of other coverage to enroll in the District's health benefits. Employees must provide the enrollment form, payroll deduction form, and verification documents for any dependents to the Benefits Department by the deadline in order to enroll.

How do I contact one of the insurance providers?

Contact information for all providers can be found under "Useful Links."

When can I make a change to my insurance election or dependents?

Changes can be made within 31 days of a Qualifying event (i.e. Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Loss of Coverage, etc.) or during Open Enrollment. Please be advised you are REQUIRED to notify the District if you divorce or legally separate from your spouse as they are no longer an eligible dependent on SVUSD's plan.

Who can be added as a dependent to my medical plan?

Eligible dependents include:

  • a legally married spouse
  • a registered same-sex domestic partner
  • a birth child, step child, foster child, or adopted child
  • a child placed under your court appointment guardianship
  • a child placed under your medical plan as a result of a Medical Support Order

Please note: children are only eligible if under the age of 26 UNLESS a declaration of disabled dependent has been approved. Appropriate verification of dependent status must be submitted at time of enrollment. Examples of valid documentation include: county issued marriage certificate, county issued birth certificate, federal tax return, etc.

My child is turning 26 soon. What options do they have?

Child dependents will be covered through the end of the month in which they turn 26. At that time the Benefits Department will automatically drop them off benefits and adjust payroll contributions if necessary. Overage dependents will then have the opportunity to continue coverage via COBRA. Please visit the COBRA tab on the left for more information.

What if one of my dependents becomes ineligible?

If an enrolled dependent becomes ineligible, you must notify the Benefits Department immediately. Failure to do so may result in retroactive termination, denial of claims, and required reimbursement of claims paid for the dependent.

Can my dependent select a different health plan than I do?

No, dependents must have the same benefit election as the employee. However, dependents can have a different Primary Care Physician or Medical Group than the employee.

What do I need to do if my name or address changes?

Updated name and address information will need to be provided in writing, along with verification of name change. Please contact Human Resources for more information.

How much do my health benefits cost?

See the Payroll Deduction Form under the "Forms" tab for rates.

What does it mean to have my deduction taken pre-tax?

You may elect to have your benefits premiums taken on a pre or post tax basis. Taking the deductions pre-tax will reduce your taxable income and could reduce the amount you contribute to Social Security, your pension, or other agencies which are based on taxable income. If you elect pre-tax deductions, you and your dependents are locked in to SVUSD benefits for the year, unless a qualifying event occurs. If you elect to have premiums taken out post tax, you may drop yourself and/or your dependents from coverage at any time.

Does the District offer Disability Insurance, Flexibile Spending Accounts, or other supplemental benefits?

Yes. Please click on the "Voluntary Benefits" or "Flexible Spending Accounts" tabs on the left for more information about these products.

I am leaving employment with SVUSD and I am not eligible for retiree benefits. When does my coverage end?

Employees who terminate during June, July, or August will be covered through August 31. Employees terminating during any other month will have coverage through the last day of the month.

Does the District offer health benefits for Retirees?

Yes. Pease click on the "Retiree Info" tab on the left for more information.

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